LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A Los Angeles City Council committee Wednesday approved a plan to employ homeless people to clean litter and trash from streets, sidewalks and alleys.

According to the City Council motion that would create the pilot program, the city receives an average of 200 requests per day through its 311 mobile app and website regarding dumping, debris and other trash-related nuisances, and trash is also consistently one of the three top reported issues to 311.

The motion, considered by the Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee, was introduced by council members Joe Buscaino, Bob Blumenfield and Nury Martinez. It says that the Department of Public Works’ Bureau of Sanitation now responds to trash-related requests by deploying teams of “highly trained city employees whose skills are often needed for more complex projects.”

Daily litter maintenance “should be outsourced to social justice organizations” that could recruit and hire homeless people to clean up trash, similar to a graffiti abatement program in which entry-level services are outsourced to contractors who hire transitional workers, the motion says.

The motion would direct city staff to report with recommendations on creating the proposed program.

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  1. Mike Arvand says:

    paying illegal trash. to collect trash, from a place trashed by liberals. Irony abounds.

    1. John Wilson says:

      Irony is lost on liberals.

  2. Los Angeles is turning into a third world hell hole. Immigration fun.

  3. Tina Rowfast says:

    Came here from Drudge. Left for http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more real California news.

  4. City of Los Angeles to pay the homeless to pick up trash, right?
    LMAO! It will never happen.
    If I’m homeless and receiving support for food and free shelter, why would I want to work?

  5. Hank Wilson says:

    Perfect!!! They can pick up their own beer, wine and vodka empties!!!

  6. Dwain Meyer says:

    Strap them to rickshaws and you’re on to something.

  7. So the citizens of La, the land of the liberal tree huggers can’t collect their own trash. Why you should ask. Because they are all liberal hypocrites. A city with citizens who love the environment should have no trash in the streets. So, you ask how does the trash get there. Well, there are millions of Illegals who don’t give a rats ass about trash or the environment. There is your problem.

  8. That is going to go over really well with the unions!

  9. John McElroy says:

    Send them one of ObamaCare’s 1099’s, the sanctuary can’t extend to taxes.

  10. They can start with the Hollywood pedophiles.

  11. So a city that’s 10’s of Billions of dollars in debt is going to pay homeless people to pickup trash. What lunacy.

  12. Jack Inmanz says:

    Sweet deal. Work two days a week, all you can eat.

  13. This makes way too much sense to have been thought up by Kalifornia politicians.

    1. dt60093 says:

      I have seen this work very well in Medellín, Colombia. There are no food stamps and no welfare. Poor people start at daylight with hefty bags to pick up trash until the city is spotless. Beyond that they clean vehicles. Every bus there looks like it was just bought that morning. Colombians like everything to be beautiful and Medellín certainly meets their expectations.

  14. Greg Terhune says:

    This proves that there isn’t a single brain cell to share among members of the Los Angeles City Council. Anybody with a brain cell would know right away that all this will do is encourage the homeless to dump block upon city block of trash cans. They would be going through this trash anyway, but now they will get paid to do it.

  15. The assumption is that homeless people actually want to work….

  16. most are homeless because of mental illness and or drug/alcohol addiction. They will be regular no shows, so do put them to work at liberal politicians estates.

  17. Ed Cole says:

    Send them to D.C. so they can clean up the trash there – as in the 95% of Congress and federal worker swamp-rats.

  18. REALLY? How about not until they return all stolen goods, restore all the damage to humans from their drug dealings, restore damage to homes where they bathed using local homeowner garden hoses and then as calling cards, put the running hoses into the homeowners’ mail slots!
    You city leaders are as corrupt as the day is long! Did that idea come from Hillary, just to ensure they stay away from her?

  19. Barry John says:

    This just might make the homeless RICH. The more trash they make, the more money they make. LOL

  20. Jon Fast says:

    Wow, that will really work won’t it. Don’t want to work, don’t want to do anything except make more trash. Ask San Diego what the homeless have done to that city??? Why can’t the liberals just understand that you can’t help most of these people. They made a conscious decision to be homeless and just allow them to do it. Just give them a check. The rich liberals will pay for it (oh wait, it will be another tax on the workers won’t it, sorry) so that they won’t have to work and can follow their dream.

  21. In addition to being a mecca for homeless dirtbags, Caleefornia also boasts having 34% of the USA’s entire means-tested welfare recipient population.


  22. Harry Buskin says:

    Why should this work at all? If they refuse, you can build them condos and then pay them to stay in them.

  23. About freaking time. I’ve been saying for years that the Welfare folks should be put to work by the Government. I know there are a few really needy incapacitated people out there, but most of them could be put to work doing something. Heck, put a phone and terminal in their house and let them take calls from welfare recipients. There are a lot of handicap people with pride who go to jobs every day and some even have their own businesses. With all this infrastructure work the Dems are saying needs to be done, why not use the idle workforce they are already paying to stay home? We know where they live, get a bus over there every morning. No work , no money. A learning opportunity for their children; get and education and a job or grab a broom.

  24. So, they pick up trash and get money which many will use for alcohol and drugs and since the city will be the only ones doing this it will probably attract even more people looking for a free handout.

    Well, I guess it’s worth it if it makes the rich liberals feel good that they are doing something to solve the problem…

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