With Halloween right around the corner, it’s important to get your costume prepared and ready to go. After all, you don’t want to be that person who put together a costume from last year, or someone that just put together a random assortment of clothes in an attempt to create a boring costume. Luckily, this year, there are plenty of incredible ideas to choose from. From pop culture figures to those that have dominated the political spectrum, and more, there’s no shortage of amusing costumes.

Donald Trump

There’s little doubt that now President Donald Trump has consumed the news. So, it should come as no surprise that he will be one of the most popular costumes this year. There are plenty of outlets that are getting pretty creative this year, too. You can go the traditional route with an oversized red or blue tie that goes well below the waist line along with a dark suit, yellow/orange hair and the American flag pin, or choose from other items to imitate the Donald. Pick up the “Make America Great Again” hat, get a mask, or pick up one of those funny shirts with an ironic phrase from Donald Trump. If you really want to look like him, just take a look at Alec Baldwin and his SNL skits.

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Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci

The short lived White House Communications Director is going to be a popular costume this year. Get a Wall Street looking suit, put on some Ray Ban sunglasses with a blue tint, slick back your hair and talk in a New York/New Jersey accent and you’ll be the “Mooch” in no time.

Eleven From “Stranger Things”

“Stranger Things” Season 2 is here, so the hit show will have people wanting to imitate Millie Bobby Brown’s character. You can either shave your head, or get a hair piece from the costume store that makes you look bald. Then, put on a blue jacket, throw some dirt on your face, and make sure not to speak all night, and people just might believe you’re the real “Eleven”

Mia From “La La Land”

2016’s “La La Land” was a huge hit for audiences throughout the U.S. and worldwide. It even almost won the Academy Award for Best Picture. If you want to be the popular Mia character from the film, grab a fabulous blue cocktail dress, or a yellow skirt, a red wig and some great dancing shoes. Bring you iPhone and play some hits from the soundtrack in your pocket so people can hear them all night long!

Barb From “Stranger Things”

“Stranger Things” continues to delight audiences, and people have a huge fascination with Barb. Want to become this popular character? It’s all about the wardrobe. Dye your hair red, and get it shortened to match Barb’s unique hair-do. Then, grab a plaid shirt with a ruffled neckline, some high waisted jeans, and some 80’s glasses.

Offred From “The Handmaid’s Tale”

“The Handmaid’s Tale” was one of 2017’s breakout hits and everyone is talking about this interesting, yet disturbing fictional TV series. Want to be Offred for Halloween? You’ll need to grab a red hooded cape, and a white hat. Luckily, it can all be purchased online.

Queen Elizabeth II

This was the year for the British Royalty when it comes to TV series, and movies. Want to be Queen Elizabeth II from “The Crown”? Make sure to first get a tiara of course. Then, a faux fur shawl, white gloves, and plenty of jewels will help you achieve the look. But, don’t forget to act like royalty as you strut around your Halloween party!


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