LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Mariah Carey has joined a growing number of Los Angeles celebrities who have had their Los Angeles-area homes burglarized.

The singer’s Los Angeles mansion was hit by burglars, who got away with $50,000 in purses and sunglasses, but no jewelry, according to TMZ.

Los Angeles police would not confirm a burglary investigation involving Carey, but the TMZ report says her home was broken into at about 3 a.m. Thursday while she was in New York City. No one else was home at the time.

The burglars reportedly got into the home through a window or door on an upper floor. A ladder was apparently found in the backyard.

Dozens of celebrities have been hit by burglars this year, including David Spade, Jaime Pressly, Ronda Rousey, former Lakers Coach Byron Scott, Jason Derulo, Emmy Rossum, Dodgers star Yasiel Puig, Nicki Minaj, and Alanis Morisette, at their homes from West Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley.

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  1. Alan Pine says:

    Say it isn’t so… thats racist.

  2. Expect more. In your “sanctuary” state. LMAO

    1. John Steele says:

      Jerry Brown has been releasing thousands of prisoners by reducing their felonies to misdemeandors and then they’re freed to go right back to stealing burlaries and murder..Sanctuary cities were criminal aliens and the border jumpers are protected from the Feds.. Yep, ALL the hollywood types deserve what they get for supporting the demorat party and it’s dangerous agenda.. This is what happens when you start blow common sense out the window by being a demorat.. Welcome to Venezaulwa on the left coast.

  3. Bobby Love says:

    I suggest that she not call the cops. Black thug lives matter.

  4. Fat untalented people get robbed too ya know.

  5. mjazzguitar says:

    They can’t afford security?

  6. Mike Tor says:

    Libs robbing Libs? LOL.

  7. Mariah’s funniest moment: “I understand the skinny thing.” Her quote in Ethiopia when witnessing the starving children.

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