by Cedric Williams

As they sit comfortably perched atop the NFC West standings with a gleaming 4-2 record, even the Los Angeles Rams themselves can’t help but notice the unusual way they got there.

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The Rams have played three home games and three road games so far this season. And among those games, the Rams have lost two of the three home games, but have won all three of the road contests.

It’s almost as if the Rams like it better playing away from home.

“I don’t even think we should play at home,” running back Todd Gurley jokingly told members of the media, (at least we think he was joking). “We’ve gotten all the wins on the road. That’s been a good thing for us.”

And with all the early success on the road, it’s no wonder that LA decided not to return home following last week’s 27-17 road win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Instead, the Rams stayed in Florida to practice this week before the team travels to London, England this weekend for their “home” game against the Arizona Cardinals.

“It offers a unique opportunity to continue to connect as a team,” Rams head coach Sean McVay said. “Being away, but still you’re almost creating another camp in-season, if you will, and it feels comfortable.”

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Usually, following a road game, the team would travel home that evening, then have team meetings and review game film the following day. Tuesdays are the standard players day off in the NFL, so everybody would get a rest day, before returning to practice on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to get ready for that week’s game on Sunday.

This week, the Rams have a different itinerary.

Instead of flying home Sunday night, the team, coaches, and all their staff stayed in Jacksonville on Sunday and Monday. The players were still given their regular day off on Tuesday, but everyone will be expected back at work for practices on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Rams will then fly to London and hold a light practice there on Friday. On Saturday, the players will be given some free time, but they’ll also get together for some last-minute game plan meetings, before finally taking the field for what should be a fairly interesting game on Sunday.

“We’re playing as a team and finishing games,” defensive tackle Aaron Donald said. “We’ve had a lot of adversity in our games, but we’re still finding a way to play for four quarters.”

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Kickoff on Sunday is set for 10 a.m.