WESTCHESTER (CBSLA) — Police are searching for a man broke into a luxury car rental business and damaged several expensive vehicles.

The man’s bizarre behavior was caught on camera as he smashes through a gate at Beverly Hills Rent a Car.

The man was in no hurry spending more than two hours inside the business near LAX. Besides getting away with the keys to several expensive vehicles, including two Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a McLaren, he caused more than $50,000 in damage.

It’s unclear how he broke into the property late Sunday night, but security cameras caught him walking in and out of an office, even turning the lights on. Police say he used his hands to smear gasoline all over a Ferrari and ripped out the panels. He then got into a Honda and out of the camera’s view tried to ram the car through the gate but failed. He eventually hopped the fence and took off.

“I think he was a little crazy, a little drunk, maybe high on bath salts, I don’t know,” Beverly Hills Rent a Car Manager Logan Hofkamp said. “Whatever it was, he came in here, did what he wanted to do then tried to make off with a Ferrari.”

Employees say they first saw the guy earlier in the day when he entered the business appearing intoxicated. They kicked him out never imagining he’d be back hours later to wreak havoc.

“We’re a small business, we’re out $50,000. We’re a self-insured business. It’s a huge loss for us,” Hofkamp said.

The business has now upgraded its security system and is asking anyone with information to call police.


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