ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — The Canyon Fire 2 has prompted a smoke advisory in Orange County and has compromised air quality.

As KCAL9/CBS2’s Jo Kwon reports, health experts recommend people avoid being outside.

“Smoke and fine particles aren’t good for anyone, so if you can avoid it, I would advise being indoors or being some place where air quality is normal,” said Dr. David Nunez of the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Advice Robert Smith chose to ignore.

“They always say that,” said Smith.

He played three sets of tennis and even rode his bike to the park. He also eyeballs air quality.

“Nice blue. I don’t even see any clouds,” said Smith.

“Smoke is bad for everybody. That’s the news,” said Nunez. “You should really avoid being outside.”

Nunez says if you can’t avoid being outside, a paper mask or a bandana won’t cut it. You’ll have to go to a local hardware store and pick up something that’s rated P91 or P100 — meaning it will block out the fine particles.

Nunez says if you ignore the advice and head outside to work you can expect “congestion, cough, sore throat, scratchy throat, irritated eyes — that’s a sign the air quality is impacting their health.”

And he says if you have those symptoms, stop what you’re doing and head inside.


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