BUENA PARK (CBSLA) — Sitting on the couch is extremely painful for Buena Park resident Jonathan Smith.

He has a big white bandage on his neck from where he was shot while trying to help others during the Las Vegas mass shooting at Sunday’s country music festival.

“I felt pain in my arm,” said Smith. “As soon as I got up I went like this and I happen to look down and my whole T-shirt wasn’t even white anymore, it was red.”

The 30-year-old father of three was in Vegas to celebrate a birthday when gunfire erupted.

After leading about 15 people to safety, a bullet hit his neck.

He believes if it wasn’t for an off-duty San Diego police officer who came to his rescue, he might not be here.

“At that point I started to just fade out and he basically put his knuckle in the middle of my sternum and said ‘wake up, wake up, stay with me.'”

A picture taken by the Washington Post of Smith from the hospital that’s gone viral has many people calling him a hero. But Smith says not so.

“I’m far from what a hero is,” said Smith. “I just did what any human would do in that situation right there.”

The bullet is still in his neck. Doctors say it’s too risky to remove.

“I went to Vegas for fun. I didn’t expect to go home with a souvenir like this that I don’t want,” said Smith.

The only souvenirs he wants to keep is the concert bracelet still on his wrist and the one cowboy boot he didn’t lose during the mayhem.

Despite his injuries, he says he’d do it all over again to save lives.


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