SAUGUS (CBSLA) — President Trump has called for football fans to boycott the NFL and a Saugus restaurant and its customers are behind him.

Come Sunday TVs at Vincenzo’s Pizza will not be tuned in to the NFL.

The restaurant posted the announcement on Facebook reading “we are 100 percent in favor of free speech and the right to peacefully protest. However as a family-owned business we do not believe that disrespect for the American Flag or for our national anthem is the way to express those concerns. Effective Sunday, we will no longer carry NFL Sunday Ticket at our location.”

Jeff Clericuzio says he came here to eat after Vincenzo’s took that stance.

“I won’t support any NFL team that kneels for the national anthem, it’s just not right,” Clericuzio said.

It’s all in response to NFL players who decided to take a knee during the national anthem. Many players protested this past weekend after President Trump’s demand that players who don’t stand should be fired.

Mckenna Towles says she didn’t see the restaurant’s post, but supports the move.

“For people to realize that it’s very important and it means a lot,” Towles said.

Though there are several Vincenzo’s: the Saugus location is individually owned and the only restaurant boycotting the NFL.  One of the owners who didn’t want to speak on camera says most customers support the idea.

Bela Denkinger says his family is supporting the restaurant and won’t watch until players stand up.

“I think it’s ridiculous and once that’s done then I would definitely come back and watch the NFL,” Denkinger said.

And there are some naysayers on Facebook responding to Vincenzo’s. One person wrote: “I’ve never been there and now i certainly never will.”

Another says: “I guess, I will never buy your pizza again.”

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  1. Carla Bobo says:

    Can’t take away a person’s constitutional right job or no job, NFL or no NFL! I will never support Vincenzo’s Pizza for making this dumb move.

  2. Emily Lutes says:

    I don’t live near Saugus but I absolutely support their decision. It is their business and they can take whatever stand against the stupid NFL players they want. Good for you and I stand with you.

  3. I will drive to this restaurant to have a Pizza. NFL…Not for Long…the ratings will go down.

  4. Once Trump gets this done maybe he will repeal and replace ObamaCare.

  5. Carla Bobo is above is a typical Alt Left hypocrite. She is all in favor of disrespecting the flag as a part of protest but meanwhile doesn’t want anybody else to protest against the NFL? Typical double standards. Vincenzo’s are heros for doing this, telling all my friends to go there and order a large pizza for this. This is how people properly protest, with their wallets. #DumpNFL

  6. I think the one thing people are missing is………there is no universal right answer…. the question is: How do I feel when I see this? I would say everyone sees the players message and understand in part of why they are doing this. But where opinion differ; is this the correct action to take for protesting. I think the players are just copying what C.K. did. The players need to think whether their actions make it clear what they are protesting. Does kneeling during the national anthem address directly what they are protesting. Is it obvious to everyone that they are protesting the president and against racial injustice?

    I think every player needs to understand that the protest action they have chosen is not a clear and finite symbol of the meaning of their protest. When you take action during an event, people without knowledge will see it as protest against what is happening at that moment. I believe that is how most people see this. Kneeling during the national anthem when people face the flag and put their hand on their heart and take off their hats. Hell i’ve seen people walk into church with a hat on but will sure as hell take it off during the national anthem. This is a sacred moment to many people whom had family, past and present, or themselves that have served the community, city, state, or country.

    The anthem and flag mean a lot of different things to different people. So when you protest during that time, people will see you as protesting what the flag and anthem means to them. In a protest you want to be transparent to those that are not aware of your fight. You want to reach those people and make them understand why you are doing what your doing. Protesters want people to see what their fight is and hopefully have some of those folks say, yes you all are right to protest.

    But unfortunately players are not understanding this and are lashing out and saying I can do what ever i want. If you don’t like it don’t come to the games, its your right not to come. These kind of responses are arrogant and angry.

    No one outside looking in will empathize with your cause if they are seeing arrogance and the perception of protesters not caring what other think. If you don’t care to garner support for your cause, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the protest?

    Its a good tale of society and how perception works in society.

    Don’t let the MAN make you turn on your brothers and sisters.

    I don’t agree with them kneeling during the anthem. As an Asian american that immigrated here in the mid 70’s as a toddler. I see the flag and anthem as the symbol of great sacrifices and loss of lives that those that have come before us have done. I would never kneel to that and i will always take my hat off to that.

    Please find a vehicle that will make your protest transparent for all to clearly and easily understand. If not, then they will make their own interpretation of what your doing.

    This is where we are now.

    We will heal and we will move on.

    I hope one day we as a country will fulfill our Pledge of Allegiance.

    indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

    Be good to each other.
    Try to understand everyone life situation.
    We are in this together, as human beings, and as Americans.
    Life is beautiful.

    peace and love


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