VENTURA  (CBSLA/AP) —  Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Sept. 23, 2017. (30th Space Wing –Vandenberg Air Force Base/Facebook)

It was actually a rocket launched from  Vandenberg Air Force Base Saturday evening carrying a top secret payload.  The spy satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office launched just before 11 p.m. Seconds after the scheduled launch —  the ship’s main engine and four rocket boosters — were off with a roar.

The United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket is carrying a classified NROL-42 satellite.

Rocket scientist Olympia LePoint said the ship reached the speed of sound in 35 seconds.

“We’re gonna see dark, we’re gonna see light, all different types of colors because we have different rockets that is going to lift that high payload weight into space,” said LePoint prior to the launch.

Though classified, LePoint said we can still tell a lot about the mission because they are using the Atlas Five. The Atlas 5 rocket is one of the strongest, capable of carrying 18,000 pounds.

“It is a spy satellite that’s being delivered up into our upper atmosphere” LePoint said. “It’s our eyes and ears towards space.”

It’s rumored the ship’s cargo is a highly-specialized orbital camera that can give us larger-than-ever views of the Northern hemisphere. That could come in more than handy given our current political climate.

“Allow us to be able to see if anything is being launched that is supposed to be launched or isn’t supposed to be launched,” LePoint said.

NRO satellites gather intelligence information for U.S. national security and an array of other purposes including assessing impacts of natural disasters. U.S. officials have not revealed what the spacecraft will be doing or what its orbit will be.

United Launch Alliance is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

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  1. Peace through Strength— the motto of the Strategic Air Command.

  2. Tim Jonson says:

    My comment is pointless.

  3. “Northern Hemisphere” pretty much includes anywhere that is above the equator – so that would mean NORTH KOREA is fully in the crosshairs of this satellites electronic surveilance systems. Expect protests from North Korea’s allies.

  4. General ‘Buck’ Turgidson, declares, “Mr. President, we must not allow… a mine shaft gap!”

    1. More pointless than pointless. See above. Actually a waste of resources.

  5. Park it right over the fat kid’s house in Pyongyang…

  6. Just give that NK mutt a haircut he will never forget.

  7. “Rocket scientist Olympia LePoint…We’re gonna see dark, we’re gonna see light, all different types of colors because we have different rockets that is [sic] going to lift that high payload weight into space,” said LePoint.

    “…rocket that IS [sic] going to lift…”?

    Which just goes to show you that literacy and the English language is [sic] not rocket science.

    1. “…rockets that IS [sic] going to lift…”

  8. John Smith says:

    This was a terribly written article with no spell checking and improper grammar. Who allowed this to be published???

    1. Graduate of the current liberal school of journalism.

  9. Samuel Green says:

    I would have been more impressed if this rocket landed square on that portly North korean dictator’s bad haircut.

    ….But sadly, Kim Jong Un threatens every man woman and child in the USA, Japan and South Korea, and our own illustrious leader instead of taking action, instead Tweets……

  10. Joe Loftus says:

    Awfully hard to believe that the payload contains anything other than N. Korean interceptor, and, or The Mother of all Nukes…… Peace through Boom …!

    1. Agreed. No way is it a spy satellite. The number of rockets means the payload is extraordinarily heavy. Likely something to hit N Korea quickly. Not sure if it could hold enough energy to shoot a laser at a N Korea missile. But certainly not a spy satellite.

  11. “TOP SECRET” payload? Well for Christ’s sake don’t tell Hillary Clinton the secret or it will be out all over the planet. The lying bl tch doesn’t give one d * mn about the confidentiality of any US secret. : /

  12. Jim Lively says:

    Perhaps it is time to build a fleet of X-37Bs and let the Air Force do what it does best.

  13. “It is a spy satellite that’s being delivered up into our upper atmosphere” LePoint said. “It’s our eyes and ears towards space.” – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that spy satellites are not astronomy tools, and as such are not ‘our eyes and ears towards space’; Spy satellites are our eyes an ears towards Earth.

    And it certainly doesn’t qualify one as a ‘rocket scientist’ to make the completely false assertion that one of the highest powered rockets in the world was used to lift a satellite into ‘our upper atmosphere;’ The ISS orbits in the highest, weakest reaches of Earth’s atmosphere, and spy satellites certainly don’t occupy that same low-Earth orbit.

    But, alas, this is the Fake News Media™, after all, so i guess it’s foolhardy to expect anything better from them.

  14. Wonder what the NSA will be doing about the Chinese hacking into our Naval ship GPS systems causing all of those major crashes. Obama and his Deep State Islamic traitors like Clapper and Brennan with their Obama approved senior staff have decimated our military in many ways.

  15. It’s Top Secret but some butthurt snowflake fake news twit reports on it.

  16. It’s a full load of Rod’s from God parked over N Korea. Telephone pole sized tungsten rods that enter the atmosphere about 18000 mph. They hit with the power of a large meteor or a small atomic bomb.

  17. To North Korea, The better to see you!

  18. f250nstetson says:

    I used to see these regularly when I lived in Santa Barbara.

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  20. A ” surprise” for Lil’ Kim?

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