CERRITOS (CBSLA) — Students tied up? Staff acting as slave ship captains?

As KCAL9/CBS2’s Michele Gile reports, a high school in Cerritos is under fire after a controversial student history project about slavery.

Whitney High School junior Timothy Reyes had his hands taped together and was a part of a slave ship reenactment when he was an 8th grader on the Cerritos campus.

A mother complained recently after getting an email from her son’s teacher explaining the “unique classroom activity,” which was to be a surprise. Staff would act as slave ship captains, the email described, and the children slaves.

After lining the kids up, the note said, they’d “use masking tape to ‘tie’ their wrists together, make them lay on the ground, and in a dark room have them watch a clip from the film ‘Roots.’ ”

LaMonica Bryson, a Whitney High English teacher agrees with the decision to pull the activity from campus which students said was announced Monday.

“I think there are other ways to teach tolerance and maybe even better ways and best practices to broach these sensitive topics,” said Bryson.

Some students agree.

“No you definitely don’t need to pretend to be a slave but it was another hands on experiment used to simulate slavery,” said student Kaleem Syed. “Definitely not an effective way and there’s better alternatives than that.”

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  1. Anyone who ties up a child and forces them to lay on a floor in a dark room and watch propaganda movies should be summarily and publicly executed. I would personally love to pull the lever that would drop the guillotine blade.

    1. No, Dude, go the LAWSUIT route! Make some money while you set the world right. Besides, that’s all anyone understands: moneymoneymoneymoneymoney. Go for it, I’m with you.

      1. Na….. not lawsuits. Because the taxpayers don’t deserve to be sued or punished here. What’s wrong with you. Fire the people who did this. Make THEM pay. The public treasury isn’t your piggy bank.

  2. Are these students also being subjected to the realities of starting and owning a business from scratch? Putting everything on the line, working 12 to 14 hour days (including weekends and holidays), no vacations, except Christmas day only, having to beg for a loan just to meet payroll, missing children’s red letter dates, including a couple of graduations because my business needed me, watching my wife cry herself to sleep because we didn’t have enough money to buy family groceries and/or gas. After 14 years of this, I finally took a vacation of 4 consecutive days with my family. Now, many years later, I am considered successful. Number one, my children are all grown, married and successful, I have many, many happy employees, I live a very comfortable life with my loving wife of 42 years.

    The greatest gift I have given to my children and grandchildren? They know how to work hard, sacrifice and be thankful for what they have!

    1. Damn fine post. One of the best I’ve ever read!

    2. Jack Frost says:

      I wish the students could be sent to Africa – pick your country – say Liberia – to live for a year in the “paradise” that has OBVIOUSLY been denied them per their “teachers”. Maybe they could experience being enslaved and/or simply murdered by their fellow blacks and Islamists? Now THAT WOULD be enlightening. BTW… I mean without American welfare freebies!

    3. mizzvikki says:

      BEST Comment ever! But don’t expect the schools to do ANYTHING like this because they are NOT teaching, they ARE indoctrinating!

  3. Can someone please tell the Progressives that they are full of sh…eh; shall we say really bad ideas? Please; before they hurt themselves or someone else. They should be easy to find, they will be the ones running in circles with scissors while screaming something about intersectionality and somethingaphobic mansplaining!

    1. Bill Hyder says:

      Where the hell is the supervision? Curriculum planners?

  4. Randall Mead says:

    The capacity of liberals to do stupid things never ceases to amaze. What’s next, will the “teachers” whip the students until they say their name is “Toby?”

  5. Walt Kaiser says:

    now THAT is a law suit that I would like to see, done deal, forced to be bound and in a dark room, torture much?

  6. Cristu Doulo says:

    What is it about California that makes people become stupid and turn against their country, morals and common sense…?

    1. Chuck Cagle says:

      As I posted on another vile article about Kalifornia, I used to joke that it was the land of fruits and nuts, this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt!

  7. You can re-enact anything! OK, here, I’ll be the slave owner and you, pretty black girl, will be one of my slaves that I come to visit in the middle of the night. Now, strip, lay back and STFU. I’ll let you know if I want seconds…or maybe I’ll just take it! Not a peep, now, don’t ruin the mood.

  8. See the photo of the school’s name, “Whitney High School”? Now, there’s a prank just begging to be pulled, namely, take out the “N” in Whitney and re-arrange the letters so it reads “Whitey High School.” Someone’s gonna do it now, I can just feel it.


  10. Lilith Whyte says:

    Teaching the kids to hate whitey.

  11. Gil Oliver says:

    I think it is a good idea. We should make sure schools teach socialism also. They could do this by throwing all the food into trash cans and letting students dig lunch out of them. We also need to remove all toilet paper, trash up the environment a lot. We could pick some at random put them in small cells without food water or sanitation facilities. Some will say this is what street people have to do and of course it is but that is what socialism is. It makes everyone a street person except those that run the government.

    They could then find out what is like to live in Venezuela. Of course we would need to get the teacher to play like government officials and shoot at them if they complain about anything or tried to organize to defend themselves. We would use rubber bullet of course we really do not want to kill them.

    Oh, I’m forgetting this is not about education but indoctrination. I’m sorry I will try not to make that mistake again. Liberals do not want to really educate anyone just indoctrinate them. Education involves critical thinking and that is dangerous to them.

  12. Sam Jones says:

    I wonder what genius thought up this one? Seriously, if the kids were forced, then I think a parent has a good case for having the teacher charged with assault and unlawful restraint.

  13. Dusty Rhodes says:

    When was the last time a slave ship sailed for the US with bound slaves aboard? 150 years ago? Why not pretend to be a cop approaching a car and have the driver reach under their seat to retrieve something? That would be a more modern day example/lesson.

  14. Bill Hensler says:

    Why don’t the parents discover where these teachers live and take one-on-one personal justice on them? Most adults only understand pain.

  15. Next semester, simulated muggings, murder and drug use to show how the white devils have destroyed black culture and forces these vices on them.

  16. ALL Clifornia teachers are sellouts to fascism….RULE NUMBER ONE: get students on the FEELING LEVEL… (*eg. how does it FEEL to be a slave?) and avoid the thinking lever as much as piossible…..i hope the parents sue the school for $100 million.

  17. someone should tie up the teachers and toss them onto a slave ship.

  18. My question is when was the last slave brought over here by boat and how many who were alive then are alive today? That’s right none. No person in the US has been legally brought here as a slave by boat for 157 years. No one alive today knows how those slaves felt! I think the person who thought this stupid exercise up is into S&M not education!

  19. Were they rounded up and sold by blacks ? Whites didn’t create slavery, but they are the ones who ended it. Slavery still exists in Africa and the slave owners are non white.

  20. Next month, have them walk through the streets of Chicago at 2am.

  21. Liberal still stirring up hate. The more you p[ut up with this BS, the more hateful the liberal bigots will get.

  22. Nope. The only time slaves were kept in chains in the dark was during the slave trade, which was run by liberals, and as a form of serious punishment. In fact, slaves who had never been in trouble were more likely to “wife abroad” than to be in chains. Wifing abroad was where a male slave was allowed to marry and have a family on another plantation.

    Liberals have to tell the most outrageous lies imaginable to make Americans look bad. All we Americans have to do to make liberals look bad is to tell the plain truth.

  23. Anyone that bound my child and put them in a dark room, I would have arrested for kidnapping and unlawful confinement. These liberals have lost their freaking minds, if they, in anyway thinks this is acceptable.

  24. Tomas Cruz says:

    I’d be arrested if I tied up my kid and put them in a closet. So should all these teachers.

  25. Isn’t this called abuse? Where is the outcry? Fire these teachers!!!!

  26. they gonna whip em too??? You know there were a lot of black people who owned slaves and there were white slaves……they should teach real history

  27. I wonder how many of the teachers or the historical geniuses green-lighting this know how many slaves there are today? Living in the past and continuing to blame whitey will only perpetuate the divide…Charter Schools for all!!!

  28. I would escape, kill my teachers and head North.

  29. American’s don’t need to LEARN how it feels to be a slave, they need to learn how to prevent themselves from BEING slaves. Best way so far is vote against the democrat party.

  30. Dave Pula says:

    G.D. LIBTURDS !!! America OUTLAWED slavery 150 FREAKING years ago !!!! Get the HELL over it and MOVE on !!!!!

  31. …and no one will lose their jobs over this. Our schools are run by fools.

  32. Journalists no longer know the difference between the transitive verb “lay” and the intransitive verb “lie’?

  33. Why not treat them as American POW’s have been treated in various wars, ie Japan and Vietnam that fought to preserve their freedom? Or as Confederate Andersonville Union prisoners that fought to preserve our nation and end slavery? Can you say selective history?

  34. Its pretty bad everywhere but have you noticed of late that the really stupid stuff is coming out of Californicateya?

  35. Red Shift says:

    Liberals are the same coast to coast

  36. Mary Lamb says:

    Maybe they could have a castration class to show what the 125 million African slaves taken to arab lands before and since moe’s day experienced. arabs and, later, moslems were the only slave mongers to routinely castrate male slaves.

  37. i will never have white guilt. Lets face the facts there is not one country on the planet where a black culture has worked anywhere. The Spanish have Venezuela, mexico and spain . lets face they all suck except Spain . Socialists have to walls to keep people in. capitalist have to build walls to keep people out.

  38. Samual Colt says:

    Productive people neither have the time, or interest in reliving the early 17th century.
    Best advice is, avoid those creatures in all aspects of your life. It is so much better that way.

  39. I hope they plan to teach the persecution and oppression of Roman Catholics and LDS Church aka Mormons in the United States. But please do not simulate lynchings.

  40. Keith Emery says:

    Oh Please! This isn’t about teaching “tolerance”. It is about teaching guilt and shame.for crimes committed by others generations ago.

  41. I hope teachers also taught that DEMOCRATS ran slavery and the slave trade with 1.8 million killed during shipping (Which was simply “shrinkage” for Democrats), DEMOCRATS killed another 600 to 800,000 Americans in their war to keep all Blacks as DEMOCRAT slaves, DEMOCRATS national flag IS the Confederate “Stars and Bars” flag (which it took Republicans to remove), every Confederate flag and statue is of DEMOCRAT “hero’s” and erected by DEMOCRATS, DEMOCRATS founded and ran the KKK doing ALL terrorizing and lynchings of Blacks up until 1981, DEMOCRATS shot Lincoln in the head after they lost the war and the election went to an anti-slavery Republican (see…nothing new in over 150 years. DEMOCRATS still are poor, violent losers), DEMOCRATS also passed the Jim Crow and brutally enforced Segregation laws, DEMOCRATS were also against the Women’s Vote, not wanting that many more Black votes, DEMOCRATS also ran the racially determined Japanese “Internment Camps”, the “Trail of Tears”, are the only party to declare and wage war against the USA, put Klansmen into Congress, ran Segregationist’s for, and had slave-owning President’s. this is just the short list. Looking forward to LA’s teacher’s teaching some real history sometime (not holding my breath).

  42. There is no slavery in this country and hasn’t been for more than a century. Why are they even bringing it up or re-enacting it out?

  43. Jim Thompson says:

    1850’s and before… now 2017… what’s wrong here?

  44. greatgosh says:

    Why not chain the African-American students together using iron shackles while allowing the non-African students to perform any activity of their choosing (e.g. use their phones and tablets, or those devices that “in reality” belong to the African-American students). Students, who are not wearing shackles while watching ROOTS, may choose to draw, get snacks at the vending machines, or venture outside to play. This exercise will teach everyone, including faculty, how racism and discrimination appear. Moreover, this will teach the students what discrimination is not.

  45. caffeineator says:

    Anyone who promoted this idea is probably a pedophile or a loony. Slavery was abolished by the Republicans 150 years ago. There are no more slaves except in the Arab and African countries – black countries. If these wackos wanted to teach a lesson, they should have the kids pretend to be Union soldiers offering their lives to free the slaves from the Democratic South. Or the Republican marchers such as Martin King who risked their lives against the Southern Democrats in the 1960s. Pretend to be Bull Connor fighting the National Guard to protect segregation. History has moved far from slave ships, buggy whips, and powdered wigs. I think teachers should be required to get a real job for at least five years before being allowed to influence kids. Let them have a realistic background that may help the kids function in a modern society.

  46. Grizz Mann says:

    Democrats practicing their old slave trade tactics.

  47. Sick , demented , perverts putting on their little dramas. Every last one of them should be beaten about the collarbone with a heavy truncheon for what they are doing to children.

  48. Todd Clemmer says:

    I really cannot wait for the pension bubble to burst.

  49. To be real & actual…. Did they create groups like the Irish slaves (30,000 in 1830), the Chinese Slaves (10’s of thousand building our rail roads), Black slaves owned by Blacks, Black slaves owned by Whites? Curious me. Or was this just another crying, whining, poor me Black racist exercise?

  50. Jon Fast says:

    The School superintendent that allowed this and the teachers that came up with this POS idea should be immediately fired. What an asinine idea to “teach” kids about slavery. Did they mention that it was blacks that sold other blacks into slavery? Bet not….SSDD in liberal land. How utterly pathetic.

  51. Pfffft, that’s nothing. Wait until they have to start pay taxes. Working for the gubbmint until May is pretty darned close to slavery.

  52. Not one black person alive for 50 years experienced slavery as an adult. Not one. None alive today experienced slavery at all. This has no relevance to those alive today. This experience did not make people the way they are today, and it has no benefit to anyone. It is simply a bunch of idiots in the education arena trying to propagate irrelavant history. Useless. Bad misguided teachers.

    Hey, Let’s feed some Christians to Lions too. Same thing.

  53. Bruce Henley says:

    Maybe they should force kids to climb in a pot of scalding water so they can appreciate cannablism practiced by some African cultures. Or better still maybe they should have teachers dressed as slavers chasing students through a jungle so they can appreciate what Africans went through being sold into slavery by their own race.

  54. If they want to teach slavery they should teach the way the moslems still enslave the blacks and Christians in CHAD, SUDAN, and ANGOLA. Common and legal practice. They could also teach about the works in the later 1800s of David Livingstone and his work to end arab slavery and slave trade in Africa. But I bet they don’t. I would bet that not one history class has even perused the work of Livingstone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xTl7tOkXtU What we have is deranged teachers and a project designed to keep the irrelevant past here today. They are absolute racists thinking that ones skin color makes a difference or made a difference with one race. When it comes to now nothing done in the 17 and 1800’s made any difference at all. Too many generations of opportunity have past. They have an opportunity to teach slavery of today. But don’t. Good thing it has stopped at this school.

    Teach ancient Rome, Feed a Christian kid to the lions. Same thing, Same relevance.

  55. Mark Mullins says:

    We did out children a tremendous disservice when we allowed progressives to have unfettered access to them. What those people do with kids is nothing short of child abuse.

  56. When dumber things are devised to harm children, our worthless teachers will create them.

  57. I moved my kids out of CA before grade school.

  58. Now take the kids, put them in to a ghetto with poor schools, no jobs, massive violence, broken homes and death.
    THAT is what it is like to live as a black person in a common Democrat city.

    But…all of this isnt really to teach about slavery, its to condemn as guilty generations of people who had nothing to do with slavery and who had many family members killed trying to free slaves and bring about a color blind society.
    I am beginning to really feel they died for nothing.

    1. greatgosh says:

      Your comment is based in Yankee-fluff. No white soldier made the decision to trade his life for that of a Negro slave down the river. That doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, no mother would trade the life of her son(s) for that of ten-thousand Negroes. Your indoctrination is replete with distortions and lies.

  59. More of the so-called “quality” education we expect of the public schools.

  60. So let’s get rid of confederate statues and symbols because it makes people feel bad and reminds people of Slavery. Then let’s bind kids hands and putting them in a dark room to make them feel bad and remind people of slavery. Just an observation.

    1. greatgosh says:

      Any action that provokes a reaction from ‘whites’ should be ignored. Liberals are striving to create a wrong side of history to place present day whites upon. The ‘whites’ have had it good for far too long, and Liberals are at war with our society, our manners, our culture, our borders, our history, our language, and our power. That which you wrote is accurate. However, the media is not interested in the truth; it has a war to win.

  61. KR Rayberry says:

    This is just sick. What is even more sick is that this teacher probably thinks this is perfectly normal. Lets throw kids into a mock city/state to show the effects of Socialism/Communism on a society. We have a great example playing out just south of the US.

  62. Quite pathetic when educators lack any common sense and thus fail to see how this would be a problem. They’re supposed to be teaching others? Yikes…

  63. were they told there wasn’t a single American ship delivering slave to the South?

  64. Where’s a really good earthquake when you need one??

  65. James Cygnus says:

    How about a re-enactment of “Buffalo Soldiers” raiding an unsuspecting Native American village and killing, raping and kidnapping the inhabitants? That happened too (to my great grandmother). Why is it any less of a “teaching moment”?

  66. Good to see indoctrination is alive and well in the public school system! What a despicable monument to our educational system.

  67. There should be a vacation resort called “Slavery World” where angry black people can play the role of slave master and GWL’s (Guilty White Liberals) can pose as slaves. This would be a GWL’s freaking wet dream.

  68. How about make them watch Nancy Pelosi?

  69. Dale Warren says:

    Well, schools have abandoned all interest in teaching students to read, write, and do mathematics. If you deny them the right to pursue their current priority of hate the United States revisionist history, with what activity will they fill the hours of the school day?

  70. LIBERALS ARE SICK Fs!!!!!!!!!!!!