EXPOSITION PARK (CBSLA.com) — First the Rams came back home from St. Louis last year. Then the Chargers bolted from San Diego this year.

Sunday afternoon marked the first time in more than 20 years that two Los Angeles NFL teams played home games at the same time.

The Los Angeles Rams lost to the Washington Redskins 27-20 at the Coliseum and the Los Angeles Chargers lost to the Miami Dolphins 19-17 at StubHub Center.

While both teams have their die-hards, neither the Rams nor the Chargers has really tackled the town, KCAL9/CBS2’s Greg Mills reports.

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Esther Bryan is a Chargers fan who admits they haven’t won over LA.

“Not quite. Not quite,” Bryan says.

Have the Rams won over Los Angeles yet?

“Not quite either,” Bryan answers.

The Chargers moved up the coast just a few months ago and San Diego Chargers fans still can’t accept it.

“The Chargers need to be back home,” says fan Richard Parker. “That’s where they need to be.”

Home isn’t at StubHub Center. Not yet at least. It is the smallest stadium in the NFL — half the size of any other.

A person who works the Chargers games pointed out they cover up seats because they can’t sell them.

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“It’s OK. It’s gonna take a few years. But a few wins, a couple of playoff appearances, we’ll fill this place up,” says Chargers fan Tony Tarquinto.

Take the 110 Freeway north from Carson to the Coliseum and the Rams can’t fill their place either.

“I think we’re still working on it,” says Rams fan Frank Tedescucci. “I think the Rams have more of a fan base than the Chargers.”

They draw almost three times as many fans as the Chargers in a much larger stadium. But looking around Sunday’s game a lot of the fans weren’t Rams fans.

“I will never convert. Long-suffering Redskins fan. Been a Redskins fan for years,” says one fan.

More than 20 years without a home team allowed LA fans’ allegiance to other teams grow stronger.

No doubt there are a lot of Rams fans in LA. It has been that way for decades. The feeling is that will change in time with more wins.

“Of course they’re gonna love the Rams. LA will come around,” said Redskins fan Nykki Durant.

As for the Chargers, there isn’t the same optimism about the team’s prospects in LA.

“I think the Chargers should’ve stayed in San Diego,” says Tedescucci.

But they’ve made a commitment to their new LA home. Which isn’t really a “new” home for them.

Fans tend to forget a long time ago the Rams shared Los Angeles with the Chargers. That was in 1960. They also shared a stadium — the Coliseum.

Those same two teams will share a stadium and LA when they go back to the future and play in Inglewood starting in 2020.


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