Sponsored By Jack In The Box

By Christopher Millard

CBS Local and Jack in the Box join the huddle with local expert Jerry Miller and L.A. Chargers running back Melvin Gordon as they kick off the 2017 NFL season. L.A. is proud to have a new franchise to cheer for, and Miller is just the guy to show Gordon around his new city. Together, they blitz a Los Angeles Jack in the Box and end up at Petersen Automotive Museum. On the menu? A bit of . . . everything. The game has only begun!

As the duo embarks on their tour of L.A. hot spots, they start things off by pulling into a Jack in the Box drive thru. Miller runs down the whole nine yards of mouth watering options (the Jumbo Jack burger, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Curly Fries, the Bacon Ranch Monster Taco and more), while Gordon just orders the entire menu.

Miller hoists the “arm-trembling” Jumbo Jack burger to his chops, as Gordon shares his weekly post-training tradition: the Jack in the Box (Spicy Sriracha) #7 combo.

Afterwards, they travel to Petersen Automotive Museum to satisfy Gordon’s appetite for rare cars. They take in some of the most famous automobiles in Hollywood, including the Back to the Future DeLorean, the original Batman car, and the Batman bike, to name a few. Owner Lesley Kendall ushers the two around the museum, as they sit in the driver’s seat and play video driving simulation of the famous cars. A room full of Ferraris concludes the meeting, as the awe stricken Melvin Gordon puts a close on his fantasy day in La La land.

Jerry Miller and Melvin Gordon score the winning touchdown of the day. And it all started with a trip to Jack in the Box.


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