COSTA MESA ( — A new study finds that protests in California are getting more violent.

Professor Brian Levin says that their research shows that along with a rise in hate crimes in California that is double what is being seen in the rest of country, that violent political confrontations are also increasing.

The director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino told the joint session of the state legislature last week that violent political confrontations are rising in California by nearly double.

“We are seeing more of these mega rallies of white nationalists in the last two years than in the previous ten to twenty nationally,” Levin says.

There were about 13 hostile gatherings in all of 2016. So far this year we’ve had 15. Many centered in Orange County.

“Orange County was the county with the most confrontational public demonstrations — even beating out Alameda County, which is home to Berkeley,” says Levin.

The America First rally in Laguna Beach last month ended in violence.

Then there was the Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach where masked antifa members clashed with Trump supporters.

And in Anaheim the KKK rally last year nearly turned deadly.

Levin says as Californians become more politically divided he sees no end in sight.

“California is a bellwether,” says Levin. “Keep your seat belts fastened.”

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  1. Richard Frey says:

    This is getting worse each day, Someone will wake up in the Morning and get themselves a Gun !!!!!…..and it won’t be Trumps fault……..Look no further then the “Riot Financier” George Soros !!!!!

    1. Rick Masters says:

      Soros needs to be declared an international terrorist, have an Interpol warrant issued, and have his assets seized. Then watch how quickly the likes of Antifa and BLM fade off into obscurity. It would also be the death of the Dramacrat Party.

  2. Liberals assaulting Trump supporters. You never see Trump supporters rioting. But Democrats rioting in black masks is commonplace. But that’s what undergirds the Democrat philosophy of government: That which you don’t earn, you can take with physical violence or the threat thereof.

  3. No mention of ANTIFA, Black Bloc,BLM etc

    No mention that Trump supporters and White Nationalists are the VICTIMS of the violence.

    No mention of the Left shutting down free speech rights of American citizens.

  4. Why is it that Trump supporters (roughly half the country) are lumped in with “White Nationalists”?

    The reason is obvious. The implication is all Trump supporters are Nazi’s so they are legitimate targets of violence. They create a false moral equivalency between them and Antifa and the other violent Marxists/Anarchists. The article implies the political violence is coming equally from Trump supporters and Antifa and that is absolutely, provably false. The violence is almost entirely coming from the leftist “Brown Shirts” of Antifa.

  5. Michael Cobb says:

    Skewed article….Everyone in this country has a right to peaceful protest. It’s when “antifa” and BLM show up that it gets confrontational and violent.

  6. As a former news reporter and news writer, I am appalled at the blatant bias with which the MSM reports on this issue!
    Even in the video clips in this report, they show two or three Trump supporters striking at counter-protesters, but in 99% of the videos on the internet, when a Trump supporter, a conservative, or even a white nationalist strikes a counter-protester, it’s defending against an attack by a leftist (antifa, BLM, etc.).
    That’s why the aforementioned clips are very brief, because the editor edited out the leftists initiating the violence.
    Think about it: are right-wing groups crashing the leftist’s rallies, or are leftist groups crashing right-wing rallies?

  7. Jim Harr says:

    They needed a study to determine that? guess they’re having a tough time spending all of their grant $$

  8. In the end, when this Civil War gets into the shooting and killing phase, one side owns virtually ALL the 5.56 and 7.62mm rifles…and the other side owns black hoodies and bandanas.

  9. Subtle bias is shown in this report. You only get the one side. No mention of the real perpetrators of violence. Antifa, BLM, and the other radical leftists.

  10. David Alster says:

    Skewed report. Just look at Berkeley.

  11. Chris Havens says:

    Let the rest of us kick Mexifornia/calexico out of the union. Why wait for them to try to leave?

  12. Everything must serve The Agenda. This is the egg breaking phase.

  13. Bruce Martin says:

    No moral equivalency!
    The Left are violent thugs.

  14. No kidding. The Left is having tantrums. Leftists, whether they call themselves socialists, fascists, Black Lives Matter, communists, Democrats, Greens, Nazis, progressives, Antifa, or whatever, are a cancer.

  15. Dave Riffle says:

    What a dummy he is….” Mega Rallies ” really…where and when….if this dummy is referring to Charlottsville it was 30 idiot white racists, which we have been hearing about non stop…this is not a mega rally…why dont we talk about Antifa hate crimes

  16. Diversity = hell on Earth tribal warfare

    1. Jim Padgett says:

      This isn’t just a clash of competing Leftist tribes, this is indeed a clash of civilizations’, Leftist MOB Tribalism vs. Individual Free Will, Individual Rights and American Individualism.

  17. Mike Arvand says:

    Violent liberals on the rise.

  18. tngilmer says:

    I wondered how far I would have to read before they blamed the violence on “white nationalists” and not AntiFA and BLM.

  19. Does anyone remember the OWS protests? Burning, looting, beatings…all while flying USSR flags.
    The protests over Bush with burning effigies and hateful speeches.
    During the election we saw 2 GOP election offices burnt, fake hate crimes, women and children in line to see Trump cursed and spit on, highways cut and more beatings. Shot cops and people pulled from cars and beaten on suspicion they might be Trump supporters
    Today we see these groups morphed into Antifa and BLM. Statues torn down, beatings, burning, rioting and again there is the USSR flag. We have elected Dem officials cursing and calling for Trump to be overthrown! We even have public school teachers telling kids not to wear a Trump shirt. Need i mention media and social media? Its obvious to all that the dNC supports and most likely directs much of this
    Question is how long will peaceful Americans be targets of these Leftists? We cant depend on the GOP leadership. They are spineless. Seems the Left is going to get the war it wants
    If its this bad now, imagine what it will be like this coming election.

  20. Levin is a filthy liberal who tries to blame “white nationalists” while ignoring violent thugs like Antifa, Black LIES Matter and other Soros-funded leftist hate groups.

  21. The author of this piece of yellow “journalism”(LOL), a member of the Fake News cabal decries supposed “White Nationalists” and “White Supremacists” yet fails to address the fact that the aforementioned groups are NOT responsible for ANY violent attacks. And to rely on (((Brian Levin))) of all people himself a member of an infamous anti-White/anti-Male/anti-Christian/anti-Heterosexual “Hate Group” ie. “Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism” at Cal State San Bernardino which is funded by the likes of notorious anti-Israel/anti-USA/anti-Trump Nazi collaborator (((Georgy Schwartz))) alias (((George Soros))) and his sons Alex and Jonathan is mind-boggling.

    The fact is the Liberal Media/Fake News propagandists including CBS will do as they are instructed by their masters the SPLC/(((Georgy Schwartz))) aka (((George Soros)))/Barack HUSSEIN Obama and use their outlets to protect at ALL costs “the Left’s” (Democrats) violent, masked, black-clad, weapon wielding storm-troopers ie. AntiFa/AntiRa/BLM/LaRaza/LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ agitators/activists/provocateurs, the real “domestic terrorists” and “racists”.


  22. Jolly Roger says:

    The filthy Bolshevik/Democrat Party’s propaganda arm, a.k.a. ABC,CBS, CNN, NBC, and most newspapers utterly ignore the Leftist racist violence of BLM, Antifa, and other assorted Stalinists who have been rioting and destroying for years.

  23. Antifa and BLM are the DNC’s Soros-funded communist thugs. Their violence will ensure President Trump wins 2020 by a large margin.

  24. The new Democrat greeting. Call you a Racist/Nazi and assault you before you speak. Then riot. With their allies in the media, blame every one else.

  25. Steve Frank says:

    I say kill all Leftists.

  26. It’s amazing to me how much Leftists LIE outright…..
    This story made it seem as if the “Right” (who are now the KKK) is who’s been doing all these problems when it’s, in fact, the Left engaging in the violence and only the right on occasion defending themselves. Their ONLY mention of the Left was mentioning that Antifa “clashed”, absolutely ZERO mention of their extremism, but right extremism and bunching everyone on the right into the KKK was fully emphasized….. all an utter LIE.

  27. Jim Padgett says:

    The KKK, Southern Democrat Leftist Tribalism. Nazi, ‘National SOCIALIST Workers Party’ Leftist Tribalism. White Supremacist, Progressive Eugenics Leftist Tribalism. La Raza, Hispanic Eugenics Leftist Tribalism. Black Lies Matter, occupy antifa anarchist, and LGBTQWXYZ all Leftist Tribalism. ALL Identity Politics IS Leftist Tribalism, the very antithesis of Individual Free Will, INDIVIDUAL Rights and American Individualism. And the Leftist Media dutifully reports all the daily box scores for you. Well forgive me but all I see here is more and more Leftist Tribal Fratricide.

    There is NO such thing as Collective Morality, which by the way is the fatal flaw of ALL Leftist Collectivist Tribal MOB ideologies, something not lost on the Founding Fathers. Individuals assimilate, Tribes invade. I never dreamed that I would be watching so many STUPID “smart” people on both sides blow right past just what is being LOST here. This isn’t a clash of competing Leftist tribes, this is indeed a clash of civilizations’, Leftist MOB Tribalism vs. Individual Free Will, Individual Rights and American Individualism.

  28. Only reason ‘white people’ are getting together to protest is because you (i.e. the media) is collectively persecuting them, when the violence comes from ALL sides – but primarily those claiming to be liberal and tolerant but are really just fascists themselves.

    1. So Fake News CBS do you still think it was a good idea to run this article, insult us and our intelligence warning us and the rest of the USA about so-called “White Nationalists” who have yet to commit an act of violence? Have you read the comments (LOL)? Face it, this is just another Fake News “fail”.

      AntiFa/The Resistance = Domestic Terrorists

      We will MAGA!

  29. No Conservative or Republican activists burn cars, trash businesses, prohibit people from speaking. Who are the violent thugs? LEFTIST DEMOCRAT LIBERALS! Down with them all.

  30. Rico Soiree says:

    Of course, it has NOTHING to do with CA cops letting BAMN, antifa, Black Bloc, and other leftist thugs run amok with impunity in Sacramento, Berkeley, and elsewhere…right? It’s also not like the Mayor of Berkeley is BFF with riot-inciter Yvette Felarca, correct? The Golden State LOVES all things illegal. So why’s it whining now?

  31. Ina Bliss says:

    As if this were not already obvious and bites- ‘Study’???! (Grants?)

    Everything intended for ‘another’, such as harm and detriment, leads to an effect on oneself (including one’s opinions)- in this case self and cross-elimination… violent thugs might as well take a hammer and knock themselves out.

  32. So here’s an idea on how to protest Soros and company’s attempt to foment a civil war. Photobomb the rallies with protest signs that say: “Unemployed Actors at Work” “Have We Fomented Anger in You Yet? “Get Paid $200 to clown around in the street like me” “You’ve heard of astroturfing? We’re Chaos turfing” or something that’s actually funny.

    Photobomb these attempts at sewing violence with comedy. Oh, how ’bout “Paid Actors and Useful Idiots” with arrows pointing in all directions. That’s all I got.

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