SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — When Valencia Pitts saved a parking spot with a cone in front of her South LA home a few weeks ago she never imagined it would lead to her brother’s death.

Pitts says a nearby neighbor got upset over her saving that parking spot weeks ago and the neighbors brought it up again on Labor Day. Valencia’s brother Charles Young and his mother Robin Pitts went to talk with the neighbors. Young was later fatally shot, police said.

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“For a parking spot, a parking spot, it makes no sense,” Valencia Pitts said. “The guy got in his car and took off. He got in a blue SUV and just took off.”

Robin Pitts says the neighbor might have felt threatened but didn’t need to because her son didn’t have a weapon.

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The family spent part of Tuesday night with detectives who are looking for the shooter.

“Why would you take my child’s life for a parking space? and it wasn’t even you that needed the parking space.” Robin Pitts said. “We are not supposed to bury our kids. Our kids are supposed to bury us.”

Pitts says her son wasn’t a gang member. He was actually a loving man and father of three, she said.

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LAPD has released few details in the case and says a suspect is still on the loose.