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SOUTH PASADENA ( — Concerns are growing among Korean-Americans after South Korea said the North is preparing to launch more missiles.

South Korea has been carrying out live fire exercises with missiles and fighter jets after North Korea’s largest nuclear test. Pyongyang says it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on Sunday.

“To be able to be at the brink of another potential war in our homeland and also that may lead to a WWIII is something that is very disturbing and concerning for all of us,” said Hyepin Im, President and CEO of the Korean-American group Faith and Community Empowerment.

Today, the U.N. Security Council had an emergency meeting, where U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley argued for the toughest sanctions possible.

“I think that North Korea basically has slapped everyone in the face in the international community that has asked them to stop,” Haley said.

Yesterday, President Trump was asked about North Korea while leaving church. Asked by a reporter if he would attack North Korea, the president responded: “We’ll see.”

Im serves on the U.S. Army advisory board and the Pacific Council on International Policy. We asked her what she thinks about the tough talk from Trump administration.

“There has been a lot of words but over time it has not resulted in any tangible consequences,” she said. “I believe that economics sanction has done some but there needs to be a much more of a holistic effort.”

Yesterday’s blast was at North Korea’s main nuclear test site. It created an earthquake that was felt in China and Russia. Scientists believe it might be 10 times more powerful than North Korea’s last nuclear test and it’s at least five times the power of the bombs the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII.

The Trump administration is now warning North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to stop the nuclear program or face consequences.

“Our country’s patience is not unlimited,” Haley said.

“A lot of humanitarian faith-based organizations say that a lot of people within North Korea are finally hearing the truth: that their country, their dictator, may not be as loving,” Im added.

The U.S. is now working on a draft resolution on new sanctions against North Korea it will present to the U.N. Security Council.


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