SAUGUS ( — The heat is bringing out the ants.

As KCAL9/CBS2’s Greg Mills reports, local residents are dealing with the insect invasion in different ways.

“I saw them yesterday and this morning as I was walking my dog,” said Burbank resident Diego Herrera.

The ants invaded his home so he called the pest control guy who just happens to be his brother.

Exterminator Marco Herrera said that this is the time of the year when he normally sees ants.

“Absolutely. In these temperatures, especially when it’s dry,” said Marco Herrera.

He said ants are drawn to water, so bathrooms and kitchens are prime targets once they get inside the house. They hit a double jackpot in the kitchen with water and food sources.

Marco Herrera’s mission: Keep the uninvited insects out of the house with insecticide that does in the ants but, he said, doesn’t damage anything else.

And he knows where to find their colony.

“They’re usually going to be in very dry areas,” Marco Herrera said. “Maybe planters.”

Ants live in the dirt, he said. In nests or nodes.

He takes aim at them in their home so they stay out of yours.

What about home remedies?

Some use borax. Others say talcum powder stops the ants.

“Soap and water tends to work well. Windex seems to work well,” said Marco Herrera.

Go online and you’ll find a ton of tips for when the ants come marching in.

Marco Herrera said the effectiveness of low-cost, low-tech solutions is low too.

“That material won’t get down into the node or nest so it won’t give you a long term effect,” he said.


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