PASADENA ( — Metro riders beware: your bad manners could cost you big bucks.

Transit officials are cracking down on how riders behave on Metro’s fleet of 2,200 clean air buses and six rail lines, with a particular focus on getting riders to be mindful of seat-hogging, blocking the aisles and eating or drinking.

The latest “Metro Manners” campaign comes on the heels of a month-long enforcement surge earlier this year on the Blue Line, where more than 3,200 riders were issued warnings and over 2,000 were ejected for various infractions, including taking up excessive space and people eating and drinking on trains.

Riders who are found doing any of the following are subject to a fine of $75 per offense and could be escorted off the train or bus:

  • Eating, drinking, smoking, vaping;
  • Playing loud music;
  • Disturbing others;
  • Disorderly, lewd conduct;
  • Placing chewing gum on seats;
  • Loitering;
  • Fare evasion;
  • Occupying more than one seat or blocking a door; or
  • Riding a bicycle or skateboard in a station.

Riders who commit third, fourth and fifth offenses could face being banned for 30 to 90 days, officials said.

It’s not the first time Metro has tried to teach better social etiquette to its riders: in 2003, the agency had “Metro Manners” trading cards designed for presentations to schools in LA County.

Some of the campaign’s characters included the Snacker, whose food and drinks were a messy nuisance to others; Edgy Eddie, named for his habit of standing dangerously close to the edges of sidewalk curbs and train platforms; and the Blab Sisters, who predictably do far too much blabbing on Metro rides.

Comments (79)
  1. John Mills says:

    The headline is a wee bit misleading? Fake news…

    1. Todd Thomas says:

      The cover of the Metro code of conduct shows a white family getting off the train….so yes, definitely fake.

  2. And what do we get for women spreading?
    Oh I guess that’s fine 😉

      1. Tom Menino says:

        Apparently puking is free. – George Carlin

    1. Nigel Oswyn says:

      You are precisely correct Peter, if “woman spreading” had been used, Gloria Allred and her crony cauldron stirring coven would be there to shut the thing down.

    2. Peter Ure says:

      So, America’s male population has a huge dip in fertility (which will be one of the biggest impacting epidemics in American history) and now the feminists want us to heat the boys up and make it worse? America’s men will be shooting blanks with this Feminazi policing! Ladies, we man spread for you! Men better be giving up a seat if a lady needs it but if we can spread, we should spread. Our torpedoes can’t swim straight when they’re overheated. And that is a bummer for all of us. Who’s going to pay your Social Security when you are 65 and single because you mad a fuss about how we sit? Huh? Yeah, let’s think more than 5 minutes into the future. Ok? Ok.

  3. yeah, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE RED LINE Animals too please. L.A. Subway sucks!

  4. Jason Watson says:

    As usual, leftists twist everything to their hate filled agenda.

  5. Unless your homeless. Then you can manspread, urinate and defecate on the bus. Viva California!

    1. Scott Hyland says:

      I notice urinating isn’t on the list; if it were, would that be homelessophobic?

  6. “Occupying more than one seat”… That’s disgusting fat-shaming! I for one will recommend all my 300+lb friends to boycott the metro.

  7. they forgot to include spitting, which is included in the NYC transit signs.

  8. So, the Metro Line is going to teach riders basic common sense and courtesy, something their parents failed to teach.

  9. I doubt many tickets will be written excepting the half-dozen or so white American tourists who are stupid enough to visit this hellhole. BLM has made it a conditioned reflex for police not to enforce the law on black savages, and liberal guys were castrated long ago.

  10. I ride the red line all the time. They are making this way too complex. Just issue tickets to the people who don’t pay and loiter in the stations…and you will pretty much solve all the other nonsense.

  11. Ed Cole says:

    In before the requirement to have at least one teste removed in order to allow males to close our legs tighter….

    1. Ed Cole says:

      testis – (sorry)

  12. So, Mɒƨƚuɿbɒƚion is fine since it’s not on the list. Awesome!

  13. Unfortunate it had to come to this, but there are SO MANY A55HOLES in this state these days. And Dems want to import MORE.

  14. “Anti-racists” say there’s a RACE problem. They say it’ll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and “assimilate” to get a brown mixture.

    They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

    If I object to my own genocide these “anti-racists” say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    1. Bieng a horrible person has noting to do with color. All of the things on this list are the mark of rude, uncaring and selfish person. People like that come in all colors.

      Granted, the only people who wont claim racism every time they are cited for such offenses are white people.

      The Left/Democrats prove their racism when they do not require people of color to behave civilly. They are basically saying to people of color, “hey we recognize you are inferior and cant be like us white people, so we will overlook your primitive uncivilized behavior, but white people have no excuse because they are inherently evolutionarily above you, so we will cite them, and allow you go on being the barbarians you are…now move along, your electronic benefit card will be re-stocked with money on Monday; now leave us alone and go back to your neighborhoods”…over there…away from ours…

  15. Paul Kersey says:

    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. — Ben Franklin

  16. Steve Frank says:

    Nobody rides this Leftist TOY.

  17. Tim Jonson says:

    ….. in related news, women can now breastfeed while piloting aircraft, giving speeches, and teaching kindergarten

  18. What, no Confederate or Columbus statues to tear down, government is reduced to enforcing manners on public transportation, good luck with that? Go California succession movement!

  19. Manspreading is highly sexist and offensive. Please retract the headline and apologize or I will sue.

  20. Could we impose a fine for pants drooped far below the waist?

  21. Metal detectors exist to penalize the white folk, to ensure they have no defense against the anti-white predators who operate in gangs, or who bully those who are physically impaired and/or are weaker than themselves.

  22. Did you notice that this news video didn’t present even one dissenting viewpoint?

  23. It’s called we are broke and we need to try a suck every dime out of everyone. Who in the hell else gonna pay for the illegal aliens and their anchor babies? Someone has to do it.

  24. What if you’re a big giant fat ass, do you still get fined for taking up two seats? What if you have testicular cancer like Randy on South Park and have to carry your balls in a wheelbarrow, do you get fined for taking up two seats?

  25. Just another way for the government to make extra money, folks. If it were not for Liberals and their ilk, people would feel free to speak up against those who commit uncivil acts. However, we must allow the government to do this for us now because we may hurt someone’s feelings if we single them out. As an added bonus, these same Liberals create a new way to make money off of their fascist restrictions.

  26. So,
    If you “identify” as a female, even if you are a male, you get to “spread” then, right?

  27. Manspreading?? Really? Where was that mentioned in the new laws? I’ve seen just as many women taking up two spaces. What a hateful sexist headline. Stirring the pot and trying to divide us from our neighbors again?

  28. I remember in NYC when most men would give up their seat on the subway or on a bus to ANY lady, small child, or elderly/disabled person without a word being said. Policeman directing traffic stopped traffic for moms with carriages and men on elevators took off their hats when a woman stepped onto the elevator. Any man in any room…stood up when a woman walked into the room.

    1. Scott Hyland says:

      Nowadays, those types of gentemanly acts will bring a squawks of “misogyny” and “sexism.” America is in a very strange place right now.

  29. Jim Monks says:

    Sign the petition to Formally recognize AntiFa as a terrorist organization. Over 265k have already signed. Join us!

  30. It seems as though the government is trying to control every aspect of life there in California. Could it be that there are so many third world people there that are not used to a civilized society. If so why are so many being brought in by the left?

  31. Get real. Most people who trash the trains and act like jerks don’t have a dime to pay the fine. Most ride free too. Maybe the additional enforcement will help but the fines don’t mean jack to someone who won’t pay, is illegal, or is on welfare. That is a lot of people.

  32. But sleeping on the elevators is now acceptable!!!!

  33. noahvaile says:

    Nosirree, we don’t want people talking on the metro.
    Everyone should stand at attention and salute.

  34. Rob Lynn says:

    Another problem caused by a certain demographic.

  35. .

    BUT… you can still pick your nose and wipe the bugger on the window…
    … at NO CHARGE !


  36. Steve Grant says:

    NUTS! (slightly sorry for that.)

  37. What the heck is wrong with eating your morning donut on the train. As long as you pick up after yourself.

  38. Steve Hollar says:

    What is sad is that society has become so rude and self-centered that this is even news worthy. Truly a sign of the times.

  39. The feminists want this law and now they whine ‘racism’ when it is enforced as the white males aren’t committing these acts. Granted, I lived in NYC and SF so I only took their subways there and it was never the evil white male doing this and I took the trains daily for years. Then again, it could just be another taxpayer shake down to fund the government via fines.

  40. If some feminazi SJW lunatic starts complaining about how you’re sitting just tell them you identify as a woman and they’re an intolerant transphobic bigot.

  41. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Only in Kalifornia where letting your balls breathe is illegal!

  42. That is one of thousands of reasons I would NEVER live in this state run by insane liberals.

  43. John Smith says:

    People that live in California need to keep there rudeness and special kind of stupid in California.

    1. Nigel Oswyn says:

      Same thing happens in NYC subway, and its just another method of collectivism.

  44. Nigel Oswyn says:

    Collectivism is going strong in a desperate state falling on a 400 billion dollar debt. I wonder if the sexist term “man spreading” is a CBS headline grabber or a product of the metro line? Men are anatomically different and sometimes need to sit with a little more space. There is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  45. Mark Em says:

    So, I guess airing out the coochie is OK?

  46. Nigel Oswyn says:

    What’s up with this extremely buggy website that keeps reloading every time I want to comment taking up too much of my time? Jeez, corporate/government controlled CBS.

  47. Just another reason why California has always been called the State of Nuts and Fruits / Democrats.

  48. Last time I took the train from Chatsworth to Union Depot and back nobody checked to see if I even had a ticket. Come to think of it, the train was nearly empty.

  49. ah yes…the city that hands out citizenship to meskin illegals are the ones that expect you to act civilized…priceless…

  50. Instead of trying to generate revenue by getting new riders/users, Metro is fining people who can least afford it for fictional offenses like “manspreading”? Can you imagine the rule book description that is coming out? Manspreading will be defined by some YouTube video with absurd poses when the reality is “manspreading” is something made up by a Women’s Studies professor at a community college to describe why men take up as much space as women on NYC subways. No kidding- that is where this started.

  51. They have to legislate manners in California…..typical.

  52. Eric Slowik says:

    I would like to formally petition any human rights lawyers to sue the city on the basis of size discrimination. I am 6’3″ tall and weigh in at 333 lbs. This “City Code”<not a law. makes me unable to sit on a bus. I am disabled. This makes it almost impossible for me to ride the bus without violating this code. I do not fit in just one seat I do however let anyone that wants, attempt to sit next to me. Smaller people do'nt find it uncomfortable to sit next to me as I make myself as small as it is possible when your 6 foot 3 inches and 333 lbs.Tall people are easy to spot makes them a perfect cash cow.

  53. Joel Vinson says:

    Feminism proves it is cancer, once again. We get it. You don’t understand male anatomy.

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