THOUSAND OAKS ( — A viral video depicting teens screaming racial slurs is prompting parents to issue a call for action.

In the 38-second video posted on Twitter and other social media outlets, at least four teens are inside a moving car. With rap music in the background, you can hear some of them yelling the N-word and expletives targeting African-Americans. At one point, someone on the video says, “Kill black people.”

Parents at Thousand Oaks High reacted to the video and were disappointed to learn one of the teens involved is a student at their school.

“I think they should be expelled. As a joke, do you find that funny? I don’t find that funny. I find it very racist and I find it very offensive,” Jan Cooper said.

Parent Hector Allois was more forgiving.

“They’re all good kids out here … they’re constantly doing sports, they play together a lot and it’s just that somebody made a mistake,” he said.

A Twitter post said one of the teens is a Westlake High student. The principal did not confirm that but said they’re investigating.

The Conejo Valley Unified School District said in a statement: “The language and opinions expressed in the rap song that recently surfaced in a video online are not representative of the District, the Governing Board, or District staff … When a student violates district policy, we respond promptly and appropriately according to our policies and procedures.”

“Disciplined, yes, they should be disciplined for sure, but my opinion, again, all this stuff starts at home with the parents,” Allois said.

“The kids should be accountable and the parents should be accountable,” Cooper said.

District officials have not confirmed what, if any, disciplinary actions would be taken.

  1. Yes, lets do some more race baiting, shall we. No, not the teens…they are obviously cretins…and teens, which automatically makes them stupid. I meant CBS for making this a “News” story. Anyone with Google can find endless videos of whatever race they want screaming about some other race. What’s the point, except to be sensational, get “clicks”, and ratchet up the racial tension? CBS sucks. This isn’t news, its pandering to the lowest common denominator.

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