WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA.com) North Korea has made many Americans weary and worried for some time, but an escalating war of words between the two nations has many wondering if an actual war is on the horizon.

CBS 2’s Amy Johnson spoke to many people who are beyond concerned — especially after President Trump pronouncing North Korea should stop making threats against the United States or face “fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

“Of course this is a little concerning,” said one man.

“I think it’s worrying everybody for the most part,” said one woman.

But others are taking a different approach.

“If I get scared they’re going to win that’s what they want. So we shouldn’t,” said one man.

Dr. Sheri Meyers agrees- — don’t give into the fear. But she knows for many people that is going to be easier said than done.

“All you’re going to do by focusing is scare yourself, and scare your family,” says Dr. Meyers.

She says your focus should be elsewhere.

“Whenever there is a threat — like the feat of earthquakes, a tornado is coming, or oh my God, we can be in a nuclear war — really it’s a wake up call. For being here, now. Loving your life. Loving the people in your life. Doing everything that makes you happy.”

She says it’s also important to comfort your children.

“For parents who have kids,” said Dr. Meyers, “it’s about taking them in your arms, I’m going to protect you. I love you. We are safe.”

She says anxiety takes away our power — instead use this time to restore calm in your life.

Dr Meyers also believes if you’re stressing yourself out by reading too much about the threats on social media, to put the devices down and take a walk with family and friends.


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