SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — The woman who videotaped an intense gunfight that broke out at a South L.A. restaurant is speaking out. In the video, you can hear a mother praying for her son as bullets fly.

The restaurant is boarded up and bullet holes are visible and the owner of Carolyn’s Kitchen is not sure when she’ll re-open. The LAPD says the gunfight started after two people got into an argument inside the restaurant. One of them went outside, grabbed a gun and started shooting.  Police say one of the workers also pulled out a gun and shot back.  Two people were wounded and are in stable condition.

CBS2’s Jeff Nguyen  spoke to the woman who posted the Instagram video of the gunfight. She asked to not have her face or name revealed.

“Stay down… put your head down… your head, your head.  Your head is in the way.  I can still see your head.” she told her boyfriend during the gunfight.

In the video, you can hear another woman in anguish, worrying about her son as the bullets flew.

“My son in my car. Jesus protect my son. My baby is 14.”

That mother managed to get her son into her car but she wasn’t able to get herself to safety.

“She was like ‘please let me in.’  I couldn’t see her.  I couldn’t see the shooter.  I couldn’t see nothing because all the shots around the cars were getting windows busted out.  The car next to me got their window busted out,” a witness said.

The video has been viewed thousands of times and Tuesday the account holder got a surprise after she helped the mother scramble into her backseat.

“Her son found me on Instagram.  And said thank you for helping his mom.”


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