NEWHALL ( — Santa Clarita sheriff’s deputies say five businesses were hit by an Instagram prankster over the past week, who allegedly posts videos of his shenanigans shot by accomplices for “likes” and even solicits dares from followers.

Examples of the pranks include stripping down to his underwear outside the 7-Eleven before running inside and dumping a Slurpee over his head — causing chaos and making a mess.

He also ran into the kitchen of a neighboring Popeyes, grabbed a handful of chicken and ran out, forcing the restaurant to throw out any remaining food that was now considered contaminated.

His crew also invaded Valencia Lanes. His sidekicks rolled as he hurled himself down the bowling lane, emerging with a pin before heading for the door.

Jae Young Hahn couldn’t believe what he was watching happen in his Newhall liquor store.

The wannabe Instagram star ran in and began trashing the candy aisles, covering the floor with merchandise and almost destroying the shelves.

Hahn says he has a son about the same age as the prankster, and says if this was his kid, he’d only have one thing to say: “Do the crime. Do the time.”

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