SAN FRANCISCO ( — Police officers serving an arrest warrant in Northern California acted fast when confronted with a bizarre – and potentially hazardous – situation.

Officers responded to a report of a wanted person in the North Richmond area about 20 miles northeast of San Francisco, but when they arrived the suspect gave a false name – one belonging to another man who also happened to have an arrest warrant – according to Richmond police.

When the suspect was taken into custody for the warrant and false impersonation, police say they also learned he was on parole, and decided to transfer him to county jail after he became “uncooperative” and “combative”.

richmond e1500995858785 Parolee Undresses, Eats His Own Feces, Spits It At Police In Bizarre Arrest

This photo shows Richmond police responding to a suspect’s bizarre behavior in the backseat of a patrol car. (Photo courtesy Richmond PD)

That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

Police placed the suspect into the back of a patrol car and began driving eastbound on Interstate 80, at which point the suspect slipped his cuffs, undressed in the backseat, and tossed his clothes out onto the freeway, according to officials.

When officers realized he was throwing clothes out of the car, “they also realized he had just defecated, started to eat his feces and spat feces at the officers”, police said.

They immediately pulled over on the freeway and requested assistance, which led California Highway Patrol to shut down the freeway as a safety precaution.

Once the suspect was secured “into a compliance safety device”, he was taken to county jail, police said.

“The department is relieved that there were no injuries sustained in this incident and the involved officers were cleared of any biohazards,” Richmond police said in a statement. “We are proud of the officers’ professionalism, composure and patience in this incident.”

CHP Oakland later put out a lighthearted statement in response to the situation.

Comments (21)
  1. Harry Buskin says:

    There is a solution: Send this guy to Minneapolis to attend their police academy. They love diversity and would likely fast track him and put him on the street with a gun.

  2. Jude Mandel says:

    So… Was the Perp green or yellow? (asking about White or black would be Raaaaaacist…)

  3. Nothing but respect for the police that risk their lives dealing with people like this guy.This was posted at, which has other unusual California news.

  4. The police put him “into a compliance safety device?” A garbage bag over his head would work just as well and more cheaply, and if you tied it tightly enough you wouldn’t have to worry about the expense of a public defender and a trial, either.

  5. They need to just put that guy down, useless human.

  6. tngilmer says:

    Just another good Democrat.

  7. Hal Slusher says:

    Maybe he was paroled way too soon. Yeah think?

  8. Nathan Fluet says:

    lol who thinks I am going to teach these cops a lesson by putting my poop in my mouth, that will teach em

  9. Greg Jones says:

    Well he was being resourceful with his food.

  10. Oh these silly Leftist democrats. You never can tell what the little rapscallions will do next.
    But one thing’s for sure, this guy definitely took the phrase; *Eating their own* to a whole new level. LOL.

  11. Mike Arvand says:

    this is why some people just need to be shot

  12. Andre Paquin says:

    Hello from Canada

    Race, religion, political affiliation of the Perp?

  13. You see the same thing at zoos…. or blm parades.

  14. Jeff Gibson says:

    And the all-time gateway drug is….marijuana.

  15. California! Land of granola. If you don’t find yourself among fruits and nuts you will find yourself in a bowl of flakes.

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