LONG BEACH (CBSLA.com) —  It can be tough to get fully comfortable on an airplane,  but one woman’s discomfort went viral.

A woman on a flight from Long Beach noticed the seat in front of her empty and put her bare feet up on the arm rests.

Jessie Char, who was in that row, was thrilled to have an aisle seat with the row to herself, but wasn’t happy with the bare feet distracting her view out the window.

The woman actually was using her foot to raise and lower the window shade, Char said.

Char’s disgust resulted in a photo making rounds on social media.

feet Woman Tries To Increase Leg Room On Flight, Puts Bare Feet Up In Next Row

“I was going home I had my seats, I had  my snacks, it was wonderful,” Char said via Skype. “A few seconds later I saw these wiggling toes emerging.”


Finally Char made eye contact with the flight attendant who disciplined the offending passenger.

“It’s not sanitary, that’s gross,” another passenger said when shown the photo.

  1. her feet look clean, whats the fuss?

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