RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — It’s the video Riverside County prosecutors are hoping will go viral.

Alex Gonzalez, 25, and 21-year old Selina Cervantes were scarred for life in a butane honey oil explosion.

Security video from that day shows the excruciating pain caused by their burns.

“I’m one in a million. Not many survive,” Gonzalez said. “The doctors told my grandparents to say goodbye.”

Three public service announcements are drawing attention to a growing problem: ordinary people like this couple trying to extract THC from marijuana in order to get a cheaper and stronger high.

The trouble is the process uses butane gas, which is so flammable every single county in Southern California has reported honey oil explosions in the last year.

“People need to understand that the butane honey oil extraction process takes lives,” a law enforcement officer said. “It hurts people forever.”

Although marijuana is now legal in California, operating a butane honey oil lab is still a felony – a fact rarely mentioned on the countless “how to” videos on the internet.

Cervantes and Gonzalez are speaking out as part of a plea deal. But years of surgeries, agony and bouts of depression Have taught them prison time isn’t the risk one should worry about

“Look into what you are doing,” Cervantes said. “It can change your life, in just one second.”

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  1. Guess they didn’t hear about the Magic Butter Machine.

  2. There’s also some irresponsible reporting going on here: This is not a normal process of using cannabis it’s not even the normal process for extracting THC from cannabis. You need to make sure people understand that.

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