ANAHEIM ( — They’re living here rent-free, next to Honda Center but their eviction notice was posted a few days ago and it’s the talk of the town.

“It’s them telling us to get out because they don’t want us to be seen,” homeless person Jennifer Herbst said. “It’s kinda hurtful. Ya know, we are people too.”

Greg Moter normally sleeps during the day and looks for bottles and cans to recycle at night. After the sign went up he knew he was out and has to move again.

“We’re all mad we have to move. I just moved here a month ago,” Moter said.

Moter estimates he’s moved about 30 times in 12 years. His trusty bike is what gets him from place to place. Loading up and moving on is a way of life.

“It’s a hassle moving everything on a bike.”

This neighborhood is on flood control property. Starting Monday Orange County Public Works will be fencing out those who have been living across from motels and next to the Honda Center.

Bob Wren won’t be sad to see this urban renewal. His 50-mile weekend bike rides take him through this area, where he said he dodges syringes and people smoking meth.

“I watched two women beat each other with metal pipes. Seen a guy slamming heroin a mile-and-a-half, two miles from here,” Wren said.

His friends tell him to avoid this are and ride somewhere else because it’s too dangerous. He agrees, but says moving these people out just means they’ll set up camp further down the banks of the Santa Ana River.

“This is not the solution,” Wren said.

  1. Rain Lane says:

    Wren is right they will move further down…which sucks because I just found an alternative route to get around them…and now they are moving again…so now again we won’t be able to ride the path

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