HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — Supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump faced off Saturday.

Anti-Trump demonstrators came together at the president’s Walk of Fame star for a march through Hollywood.

It was one of many protests against the Trump Administration around the country Saturday.

“This is my second anti-Trump march that I’ve had in two weeks,” said anti-Trump demonstrator Carrie Copsin. “We want him out of the White House. He does not represent the American people as far I’m concerned.”

There was a shoving match which the LAPD quickly controlled.

Officers initially cuffed a man but soon let him go because they said he was actually trying to help keep the peace.

Officers used their bikes to create distance between the Trump supporters and a group called Refuse Fascism, which got a permit for its demonstration.

“We have had it with this regime. They must go,” said Isabel Cardenas of Refuse Fascism.

Supporters of the president said they wanted to show up because they were worried about what the other side would do to his star.

“Supposedly doing some havoc around the star. The Trump star that is,” said Trump supporter Kurtis Bell. “Disrespecting it. Making sure that doesn’t happen.”

Police said the day was mostly peaceful. Only one person was arrested for throwing a punch.



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