BURBANK (CBSLA.com) — Police are investigating a bizarre scene caught on tape where a man was hit by a truck and then a bunch of cash went flying in the air while the man hit runs off.

The man who shot this video does not want to be identified.

“I saw the truck chasing the guy in the red pants.  And then it just smacked right into him and he flew 20-30 feet in the air,” the witness said.

The guy in the red pants ran off.  The men in the truck drove off.  So police had to rely on witnesses.  They said it was a car deal gone wrong.  Witnesses said, the seller, the guy in the red pants. grabbed the buyers money and ran off.

“Guy in the red pants had a bag in his hand and he was being chased by this guy in a white shirt,” the witness said.

The driver of the truck came flying out of a shopping center on Alameda Avenue between Shelton and Main Street and hit the man in the red pants.

“The bag spilled out tons and tons of cash. Somehow he was able to pick a few of the stacks of money up and then he took off running.” the witness said.

He said other witnesses saw him get into a car down the street.

Meanwhile, two men who were in the black truck were in the middle of Alameda on a busy weekday morning grabbing piles of cash. They got back into the truck and went east on Alameda.

The police investigation centers on this point.  Did the driver of the black truck intentionally hit the man in the red pants?

“It definitely looked intentional,” he said.

The witness said he got the license plate number and said the cash in the street appeared to be stacks of $20 bills

  1. if they don’t know who the guys in the black truck, and the guy that got hit took off as well… How does anyone know it was a car sale?

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