LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Janelle Ford says a thief victimized her family while they were caring for her grandson, who’s was dying, at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

“Why would he do this at a Children’s Hospital, a place where there’s already so much suffering?” Ford asked.

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The suffering being felt is by little DJ, who been undergoing treatment for inoperable brain cancer.

Several cameras captured a man rolling a piece of luggage that Ford says belonged to her and got when he broke into her SUV.

“It’s invasive,” she said. “It’s really just … invasive is the best word.”

A picture shows how the family’s SUV got trashed.

But that’s not all. Ford says the man also took a second bag that had all of DJ’s medications.

“So nothing that was of value to anybody except for us,” she said.

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Ford is in town from Oregon while her grandson underwent end-of-life care.

She’s been wearing the same outfit since Sunday because all of her clothes were in that stolen suitcase.

She blames the man for stealing her final moments with DJ, who passed away Thursday afternoon.

“Just thinking about it has taken time away that we have, that I have with with my grandson,” Ford said.

The hospital says it reported two break-ins at its parking structure to the LAPD on Sunday.

Ford says she’s grateful for the care her family is getting but she has a message for anyone struggling with so much.

“Lock your cars,” she said. “Be aware of what’s going on. Keep an eye on things. If you got stuff, put it in the trunk, someplace where it’s not seen. Don’t make yourself an easy target.”

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A gofundme page has been set up for the family of DJ.