COLTON ( — A woman expressed her thanks to firefighters this weekend by covering a $400 Denny’s restaurant bill.

Firefighters who had just finished battling the La Cadena Fire in La Loma Hills discovered that an anonymous woman covered their $355.22 bill Saturday night. With the tip, the woman paid a total of $405.22.

While the firefighters were eating, the woman had told the restaurant’s staff that she wanted to buy dinner for all of the firefighters – about 25 of them at that moment.

She also spent an extra $100 for a gift card, and asked the restaurant’s employees to spend it on dessert for the next group of firefighters.

The City of Colton Fire’s Facebook page said that 14 different agencies had battled the La Cadena Fire, and issued this statement from all of them: “[W]e thank you for your generous show of support. We are all honored to serve the citizens of our communities.”

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