SANTA ANA ( — An armed man is on the loose in Orange County and police need help in getting him off the street.

27-year-old Pedro Espinoza is on the run after police say he kidnapped and carjacked two separate victims at gunpoint.

Police say Espinoza and 33-year-old Graciela Campos, along with several unknown suspects, first robbed and kidnapped a man at a Santa Ana motel over a month ago.

Eleven days later they did it again on a quiet street less than a mile away, targeting a woman. They forced her to drive them to Anaheim at gunpoint. They dropped her off and she called police.

Campos was arrested later in the stolen car.

Police can’t help but worry what Espinoza and the men he’s with will do next.

“They need the cash. They need the car to get around and they’re taking by force or fear and they’re using weapons,” said Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department. “Any time weapons are involved there is always the chance that somebody is going to get hurt.”


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