SANTA MONICA ( — Are Santa Monica’s summer concerts becoming too big to control?

Video posted on Twitter showed a swarm of people coming onto the Santa Monica Pier last Thursday night for the opening night of the city’s free summer concerts. Police said the event was so large it was a safety concern for many.

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Jasmine Mier, who works on the Pier, said she has never seen anything like it before.

“Extreme madness. Like over the top madness,” said Mier. “People were climbing on cars, on top of handicap signs. It was insane.”

Police said they had more than 150 officers there for the event. City officials think the crowd was about 60,000 people at its peak. More, police said, than the Pier can handle. Many of the people were also on the beach and surrounding areas.

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Police said they believe the large crowd was because of who played. The big draw was headliner Khalid.

People said the crowd was a bit younger than usual and police said many people were on their cellphones so service was limited, creating more safety issues. Police said they will be making adjustments for upcoming concerts, but won’t say exactly what.

“I thought our windows were going to break at our job because they were pushing up against them. It was crazy,” said Mier.

Police also said that if you come to the Santa Monica Pier for the free summer concert series be aware of your surroundings. If you see something suspicious. Report it.

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