EL SEGUNDO (AP) — Lonzo Ball and his dad are staying home with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers selected Ball with the second overall pick in the NBA draft Thursday night, staking a big portion of their future on the talented UCLA playmaker.

gettyimages 699979780 Lakers Select Lonzo Ball With No. 2 Overall Pick In NBA Draft

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Lonzo Ball during the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft at Barclays Center (Getty Images)

Ball seems certain to become the starting point guard in coach Luke Walton’s up-tempo offense after D’Angelo Russell is traded to Brooklyn.

The Lakers don’t appear concerned by LaVar Ball, the voluble father with aspirations of building a global sports empire around his three talented sons. Ball raised his family in the Los Angeles suburbs.

Ball receives comparisons to Jason Kidd for his offensive abilities. He led the nation with 7.7 assists per game while quarterbacking the highest-scoring offense in Division I, and he scored consistently despite an unorthodox shot.

Lakers coach Luke Walton says Lonzo Ball brings all the attributes that a coach loves.

Comments (5)
  1. So I am in a bar watching the NBA draft and I would say that 80% of the Laker fans here did NOT want Lonzo Ball. This group is also very upset about Russell being traded.
    Ball brings too much hype and baggage – especially with that loud-mouth father of his. What an embarrassment.
    In our opinion DeAaron Fox will be a better NBA player because he is a TEAM player not a “showboat”.
    We are very disappointed as many Laker fans are.

  2. bong815 says:

    They’ll regret this. If they had gotten Jerry West instead of Magic, this would never have happened. Magic knows how to make money, but knows nothing about building a team.He was a dismal failure in his short tenure as a manager.

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