SAN BERNARDINO ( — Prosecutors have charged a San Bernardino woman with the murder of her young granddaughter and attempted murder of another granddaughter and daughter in a stabbing attack.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office on Thursday charged 43-year-old Nicole Yanick Darrington with three felony counts ahead of a court appearance.

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Darrington is also known as Darrington-Clark but is estranged from her current husband.

Authorities say Darrington stabbed her granddaughters and daughter Monday during a visit to their home in Colton, then fled. She was arrested Tuesday in San Bernardino.

Darrington spent nearly a decade in a state psychiatric hospital and outpatient treatment program after being found not guilty by reason of insanity in the attempted murder of her own children.

She was deemed sane by a jury in 2015, meaning she no longer required court-mandated psychiatric care.

Darrington’s husband Nathan shared a photo of his wife from about a month ago with CBS2’s Tina Patel and said at that time there were no signs that she was having difficulties.

Nicole Yanick Darrington’s husband says his wife (pictured with their 18-month-old daughter) was not showing any signs of mental health issues when this photo was taken a month ago. (Photo courtesy Darrington family)

Later in the day, Nathan Darrington spoke exclusively to CBS 2’s Michele Gile.

He told Gile he’s tried to get his wife help for some time but officials told him there was nothing they could do until she became a threat to herself or others.

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Darrington said he worried that she was capable of harming herself or loved ones.

“That’s exactly what I was afraid of,” he said.

He said his wife is bi-polar and had gone off her meds.

“She’ll probably never see the light of day again,” he said, “but that’s a choice she made not being compliant with medicine. She’s going to have to deal with that.”

The couple met while both were patients at Patton State Hospital. He said she was committed more than a decade ago after trying to kill her son and daughter.  The couple married at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City four years ago

They have a son together named Skyy.

Darrington’s bail was set at $3.25 million.

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