VAN NUYS ( — Debbie Shore wanted to take a relaxing train ride down the coast from Van Nuys with her 6-year-old twins to a family gathering.

That was the plan, but her ride would suddenly spiral into chaos. It all unfolded when they reached their destination in Oceanside.

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“I grab all the bags and they’re being helpful, too – they’re grabbing all their bags, and we go down the stairs,” Shore said.

Shore didn’t realize how much time has passed, and the doors to the train closed just as her daughter walked off the train and onto the platform perhaps to fetch another bag.

“The door just shut — and I’m standing there like my face right at the door. I think I had this black out because it’s every mom’s nightmare to have their child outside of the train and you know it’s going to leave any second,” Shore said.

Frantic moments ensued other passengers came to help the girl.

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“I think she was just in pure shock. The little girl outside was screaming mommy…we went into help mode. There were six of us. We tried to stop the train… we pushed every button possible.” Lana Poppen said via FaceTime.

Shore looked on helplessly as the train sped away.

“There was a work man standing outside the train and they were yelling at him saying ‘open the door, open the door, there’s a child out there’ and he just went – ‘sorry,'” She said.

A good Samaritan stepped in and comforted little Kaylee. The 6-year-old was her own hero since she remembered her mom’s cell phone number. About an hour later, everyone was reunited.

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“What would I have done without these people. I can’t thank them enough and I’m hoping they’re watching this,” Shore said.