SAN BERNARDINO ( — San Bernardino police are investigating a possible case of child endangerment and driving under the influence after a woman driving with two young kids children in the backseat struck a parked car while appearing to be disoriented.

David Rayy started rolling his camera after he and his cousins noticed a Volkswagen stopped in the middle of the street at Mayfield Avenue and 11th Street late Wednesday night.

The video posted on Facebook showed the driver slumped over and someone saying: “Crashed into a car right here, knocked out. And she has two kids in the backseat.”

One of the good Samaritans knocked on the window, barely woke up the woman and got her to open her door. One of them asked if she needed help, but she did not respond.

“The babies thing, that was more of the problem. If it would have been just the lady, OK. But she has kids with her,” Andrew Shifflet said.

Gina Furnash, who also came out to try to help, said the heat seemed to be on full blast in the car and the kids looked uncomfortable, and one of the children, an infant, was crying.

“The baby was screaming. Wanted the bottle. She unlocked her car so we could give the baby the bottle. We were trying to help her,” Furnash recalled.

But the woman didn’t respond when they asked if they could take her and the children somewhere safe.

“Do you want me to take you? Where do you need to go?” one of the good Samaritans asked.

“We wanted to get the babies out, but we didn’t want a kidnapping charge. We don’t want to jeopardize ourselves,” Furnash said.

She said they were worried about the children and kept waiting and hoping police would get there, but officers did not show up.

Eventually, the woman slammed her door shut and sped off.

“My cousin was standing in front of the car. He almost got hit by her because she didn’t know what she was doing. You could tell she was under the influence a lot,” Shifflet explained.

They did get the license plate of the car and hoped police could track down the driver and check on the children.

“I don’t know who the lady was. I hope she’s OK. I hope the babies made it home OK,” Furnash added.

Police told CBS2’s Tina Patel that they have identified the driver but have not located her or the children.


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