CALABASAS ( — Experts on Monday were still talking about the wild weather over the Southland this weekend.

We had thunder and lightning with torrential rain, hail and snow in the mountains and a funnel cloud over San Dimas. Even a landspout tornado touched down near Victorville on Sunday. At times, there was also some sun.

A hailstorm put a damper on the red carpet at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and on a couple’s wedding.

Eric Boldt is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He says a storm this time of year is not totally abnormal, but it is pretty rare.

“They originate in northern latitudes closer to Alaska. They have a lot of cold air with them,” Boldt said.


Radar imagery was able to capture the thunderstorms forming in the mountains and then moving southwest toward the valleys and the coast.

“It’s a little unusual and the hardest thing to predict as a weather forecaster, these low-pressure centers just wobble around different areas,” Boldt said.

Boldt doesn’t think we’ll see a storm like this again this season.

“Nothing to do with some of our long-term things like El Niño or La Niña.”

Downtown picked up 0.30 inches, which is just above its monthly average. There were 87 lightning strikes, too. Despite all the rain, experts still predict an above-average summer.


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