CHATWORTH ( — For the first time in months we’re getting our first look at P-50 which the Department of Fish and Wildlife lost track of until Friday.

The young mountain lion was tranquilized after it showed up at a nursery in Chatsworth.

“To think there’s a big cat nearby.  It’s concerning.  At the same time, kind of expected,” Kevin Castro, of Paradise Nursery, said.

On Facebook, Fish and Wildlife said P-50 surfaced just south of the 118.

That’s the same freeway where P-50’s mother was struck and killed by a car in December. Stoney Point Park is just yards from the 118.

“Obviously something that rare, it’s incredible, you want to see. It’s also scary especially with small children,” Chatsworth Resident Jeremy Warburdon said.

The mother mountain lion was called P-39. She had three kittens, two of which are believed to be dead after they too were hit by cars.

P-50 is the only surviving member of the family.

Back at Paradise Nursery  Kevin Castro says the hills around Chatsworth may be home to a lot of wildlife.But he’s seen plenty of animals show up here for one reason.

“Wildlife is going to come out and try to find the water sources.  Here at the nursery we leave the sprinklers on for half an hour at a time,” Castro said.


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