LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —   The National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health will spearhead a pro-science, anti-Trump nationwide rally this weekend to oppose the president’s proposed cuts to science and medical research.

CBS 2’s Kristine Lazar spoke to doctors and parents who think federal funding is vital and don’t want to see cuts in the area of necessary research.

She spoke to Aiden Kramer’s mom. Two years ago,  he fought a rare form of leukemia here at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. And today? A typical 4-year-old who shows no signs of cancer.

“We see miracles happen in front of us every single day,” said Dr. Leo Mascarenhas.

But those miracles cost money. And doctors and researchers at Children’s Hospital say they stand to lose millions if the president’s budget proposal goes through.

“Within the division of oncology and hematology at Children’s Hospital, more than 60 percent of our funding is from the National Institutes of Health,” added Mascarenhas.

Trump’s budget blueprint calls for an almost $6 billion reduction in funding for the NIH in Maryland. Aiden’s mom, Ashley says it was the NIH that ultimately diagnosed her son when he was at Children’s.

“I can only imagine how many families are out there that rely on, just like we did on someone they don’t even know. At a place, a facility, the research they’re completely unaware of. They’re gonna to need that to save a life,” she said.

This weekend, doctors and scientists from all over the Southland will be part of the March for Science. Marches are planned across the country in an effort to stop significant cuts to the NIH.

13-year-old Nathan Lev’s leukemia relapsed and he is now on an experimental treatment, that also came from NIH research dollars.

“The chemo wasn’t doing everything, so I am hoping now that this clinical trial will be the magic potion that will cure him from cancer,” said Ziva Lev, Nathan’s mom.

Trump has promised not to raise the deficit and has said spending cuts are necessary. But Nathan’s mom is hoping they’ll come from another source.

“It’s my child/ Ot could be your chil. It could be anybody’s child, and it could be ourselves. And so none of us are immune from getting sick,” she said.

The budget proposal calls for an $ 54 billion increase in defense spending. Some of the other controversial cuts are to the EPA and Department of Education.


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