LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) – As the national manhunt for alleged Facebook killer Steve Stephens comes to a close, another disturbing Facebook Live video has surfaced showing a self-described Muslim man making apparent threats toward attendees at a Christian conference.

A video posted April 9 by Ehab Jaber shows a man believed to be Jaber filming a copy of the Koran before scanning the crowd with his camera during a portion of the Worldview Weekend rally in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

According to event organizer Brannon Howse, an off-duty police officer confronted Jaber and asked him to stop filming in compliance with the event’s policies.

In the video, upon being asked his name, Jaber tells the officer, “John Smith, the Muslim John Smith” and leaves the premises.

He later posted two more Facebook Live videos of himself sitting in a car in a parking lot outside the event.

One of the profanity-laced videos ends with Jaber pulling out what appears to be three pistols and two assault-style rifles while wearing a t-shirt with text reading in part, “I am a Muslim”, “I open carry”, and “I am only dangerous if you are stupid”.

As he displayed each weapon, Jaber can be heard repeatedly telling the camera, “Be scared” or “Be terrified”.

Howse posted still images from the video and asked, “Ask yourself if a white ‘Christian’ did this at a Muslim conference would he be arrested or charged?”

An estimated 500 people, including women, children and at least two state lawmakers attended the event, according to reports.

The conference’s agenda included a presentation from Shahram Hadian, an former Iranian Muslim turned Christian pastor, who was scheduled to give a presentation entitled “Sabotaging America: Islam’s March Toward Supremacy.”

According to Howse, no charges were filed against Jaber, since South Dakota allows for open carry. Police later told several media outlets Jaber also had a concealed carry permit.

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  1. cathykaech says:

    Thank you for running this story…This is becoming a prevalent problem in which the police are told to “stand down” to appease the Muslims. Hence, Berkeley this last week.

  2. mharmonreed says:

    We want to get along, but Muslims like this man won’t let us.


  4. All Religions must go. Why do we continue to allow all of Humanity be dragged down by these old fairy tales?

  5. Kevin Curl says:

    Might be time to take away his gun permits .

  6. Anyone report this to FBI or homeland security?

  7. Yeah thanks for running the story, lmao You have the video and info, report him to Feds! Now!

  8. While firearms ownership and open carry is “allowed”, terroristic threats on the other hand is a whole different matter. Punishable by Federal prison time, as it is a felony and he would lose his “Right” to have a firearm.

  9. He won’t get very far if he tries anything in the deep South.

  10. Ehab is in jail and is facing 5 years just for the terrorist threats but he was also caught with meth. A meth head jihadi.

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