LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com/AP) — Delta is giving airport employees permission to offer passengers up to almost $10,000 in compensation to give up their seats on overbooked flights.

Delta’s move comes as United Airlines struggles to recover from images of a passenger’s forced removal from a sold-out flight.

In an internal memo obtained by The Associated Press, Delta says gate agents can offer up to $2,000 in compensation, up from a previous maximum of $800, and supervisors can offer up to $9,950, up from $1,350.

Johnny Jet, who runs a travel tip website, called the strategy a “brilliant PR move.” [For a link to JohnnyJet.com, click here.]

“Bumped is a great way to make some extra travel money so I actually encourage it if you have extra time,” he said.

Earlier this week, Delta announced it paid a family $11,000 not to fly after the airline overbooked a flight.

CBS2’s Greg Mills was at LAX Friday where he spoke to passengers who thought nearly $10,000 was a bit much.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Chance Schmidt, “I’m looking to get bumped like right now!”

He added, “That’s a lot of money. If they want to give it away, I’m sure  everyone will take it.”

One passenger didn’t think being bumped was worth it.

“If I didn’t have to be somewhere, then yes, I’d definitely do it,” said a woman named Sonia.

Jet offered a series of tips on how to increase your chances of getting bumped.

These tips include: book flight during busy holiday times, seeking out flights at appear full, booking a flight but not booking a seat, and tell the ticket agent when you check in that you’d be willing to give up your seat.

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