LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com/AP) — California’s school vaccination rate rose in the first year that the state required almost all public schoolchildren to get immunizations.

State public health officials said Wednesday that nearly 96 percent of this year’s kindergartners have received all required vaccines. That’s a nearly 3-point increase over last year and the highest vaccination rate since the current immunization regimen went into force in 2001.

The rate in Los Angeles County was up to 95 percent from 90 percent, and Orange County’s rate inched up from just over 92 percent to more than 95 percent.

The vast majority of counties – 74 percent – reported overall reductions in the number of conditional entrants, those students who cited a temporary medical exemption to opt out of vaccinations.

L.A. County had the second largest reduction in conditional entrants with a drop of 6 percentage points. Orange County, traditionally known for its large anti-mandatory vaccination constituency, dropped by over 4 percent.

California’s vaccine rates have been inching up for the past three years after a state law made it harder for parents to opt out of vaccines due to personal beliefs. The law was further tightened in 2015, when lawmakers outlawed all personal-belief exemptions following a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland.

The law sparked impassioned protest in Sacramento and is being challenged in court.

Click here to read the full report from the California Department of Public Health.

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  1. Lort Bizniz says:

    And autism rates in California up 17% as a result.


    Great job California!

  2. James Mahu says:

    California will go bankrupt as a result of the many vaccine damage kids and adults. Most vaccines adverse reactions are not reported by Doctors. According to research by Dr. Suzanne Humphries is estimated that less than 1% of the adverse reactions are reported. The few that do report them get scolded by the Hospital Management and by the VAERS CDC Management. The cover up is beyond criminal. Toxic Vaccines are causing the following: kidney damage, autoimmune disorders like lupus, Multiple, Sclerosis, Crohn’s, Hashimotos also Guillain-Barré syndrome, allergies like peanut allergies, milk protein allergies, Autism and even death including SIDS. Legal immunity for vaccine manufactures has encouraged an abandonment of vaccine safety and quality control. Many injuries and deaths are called “a coincidence” and not reported. We can no longer trust the CDC, their research, their published statistics and our health leaders since they appear to have been compromised and corrupted by the Big Pharmaceutical Companies endless pockets of money and conflict of interest. All you have to do is research the Dr. William Thompson (CDC whistleblower) case to see that they are faking statistics to promote toxic vaccines. For a good review of vaccines I recommend lectures on YouTube from independent researchers like Dr. Suzanne Humphries (also has a few good books on Amazon) and Dr. Graham Downing (“vaxxed one flu over” is a good lecture on YouTube).
    There must be accountability for vaccine injuries and they must not be mandatory. Hopefully President Trump and Tom Price will shine a light on the Pharmaceutical vaccine corruption and fraud industry and hopefully all crimes against humanity will be brought to justice. The truth will prevail.

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