SANTA ANA ( —  Security video shows what looks at first like a normal transaction at a 7-Eleven. Then the customer suddenly a goes berserk on the cashier when he is told his debit card is declined.

The customer first belts the cashier in the head and then takes out his rage on the registers and computers on the counter. He then grabs a handful of bananas and hurls them at the other cashier.

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After his violent tantrum played out after he was unable to buy a pack of M&M’s.

The mini rampage caused $700 in damage – not to mention shaking up the cashier he hit in the head. The attack happened back in February. Investigators are releasing the video now because they need some new leads on their suspect.

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Regulars at the convenience store expressed sympathy for the clerk and were horrified by the video.

“Oh my gosh, I feel really bad for him. I’m about to go give him a hug,” said customer Jacky Cruz.

“You shouldn’t hit anyone, especially if you can’t pay. You should beat yourself up because your bank account is so low,” said another customer. “I hope he gets his. I hope his M&Ms give him poison.”

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The customers also say this type of behavior isn’t that uncommon, and incidents like this happen from time to time. Investigators hope someone will recognize the suspect and turn him in as he faces a slew of charges.