HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — It was supposed to be staff sergeant Kevin McEnroe’s last deployment. He told his father, “This is an easy one dad, it’s not dangerous.”

Brian McEnroe says his son, and two of his fellow Green Berets were shot in cold blood at an air base in Jordan. They were working for the CIA, training Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS.

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“My phone would light up with his picture, I would answer and he’d say ‘Hey, pops’,” McEnroe said. “I’m never gonna hear that again.”

Now McEnroe wants answers from President Trump.

McEnroe says the Jordanian government never acknowledged the crime or offered an apology. As President Trump meets with the King of Jordan this week, McEnroe wrote a letter to the president on Facebook, asking him to stop giving Jordan over a billion dollars a year.

“We ask that you reconsider our relationship to an ally that murders our soldiers then lies about it,” McEnroe wrote.

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McEnroe has said he supports the war on terror.

The suspected shooter, a Jordanian Air Base veteran, told the FBI he thought he heard gunshots and returned fire. McEnroe says security tape shown only to the families proves no shots were fired until he pulled the trigger.

“They didn’t know they were under attack. This guy was standing behind essentially a camouflaged curtain when they drove by at three miles an hour and he opened up on them,” McEnroe said. “When he was shooting at them, they were hollering at him in Arabic and English, ‘We’re Americans, we are friends, don’t shoot.’ ”



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