VALENCIA (CBSLA) — Two burglars broke into a yogurt shop in Valencia as the owner helplessly watched the crime unfold on security cameras.

The video showed two men breaking the front door of the Golden Spoon and running inside with crowbars. The burglars can be seen going straight to the office and stealing cash from a drawer. The burglary took less than a minute.

“I realized what was happening. I heard voices. I heard footsteps. So I screamed like a little girl and ran out the back door,” said owner Adam Smith. “After watching the footage, that scared them off. My scream scared them off.”

Smith owns three Golden Spoon shops in the Santa Clarita Valley and one in Calabasas. Three of his shops have been burglarized recently. He lost more than $12,000 altogether.

“My personal space has been invaded by someone I don’t know and trust, and they took something that wasn’t theirs. It’s not a good feeling at all,” Smith said. “It was very terrifying. It took me a couple days to just recover from the thought of me being injured or hurt or anything,” Snith recalled.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigators don’t believe the Golden Spoon is being targeted specifically. They said smash-and-grab robberies are on the rise throughout the Los Angeles area.

They encourage all business owners to empty the cash drawer and safe at night.


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