WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — A man is recovering after a brutal attack in West Hollywood after leaving a club with group of friends.

“We were all over the place and just kind of fell into the street a couple of times,” Jason King said. King suffered a broken nose, black eyes and spent about ten hours in the emergency room.

King says he and his four friends left a club on Santa Monica Boulevard near Larrabee Street when a man inserted himself into the group early Friday morning.

King thought the man might have recognized two of his friends, Trinity Taylor and Valentina, both of whom are contestants in the upcoming season of Rupaul’s Drag Race.

“Finally we got up to the next block and one of my friends was like ‘you know this is really weird because he’s following so closely.’ ”

King says the group asked the man politely to give them some space and that’s when the man sucker punched Valentina.  Neither Valentina or Taylor were in drag that night.

King says he tried to help his friend but he got clocked himself, right in the nose.

“There was no shooting pain but it felt like a crushing type thing and blood started like coming out,” King said.

The group tried to wrestle the man down but he was too strong for all five of them. All they could do was tail him while getting on the phone with 911.

The sheriff’s station was right across the street and deputies were able to arrest the man. Authorities don’t believe it was a hate crime. King says he believes the man may have been on drugs.


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