CANYON COUNTRY ( — A pregnant woman made a mad dash for a man who tried to rip off her rent money and it was all caught on camera.

The woman was spending $1,800 on a money order at a convenience store to pay her rent. When she spread the bills out on the counter a man is seen on the video behind her trying to grab the money.

Jannette Garlow, eight-months pregnant, wasn’t about to let him get away.

“My husband works really hard right now for that money, It was his birthday and I wasn’t going to let him take it all from us,” Garlow said.

Luckily the clerk suspected something and scooped up most of the cash before the bandit did.

The suspected thief only got away with about $40 but Garlow thought he got it all and bolted after him.

She now realizes it probably wasn’t the best decision to chase after him.

“He could have been armed, he could have hurt me,” she said. “It wasn’t the smartest decision, no amount of money is worth our health.”

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  1. Steven Jones says:

    Why didn’t she put the cash in her checking account and write a check? Because she was laundering the money. So we just witnessed two crimes on the news article.

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