LANCASTER ( —  Republicans in Congress have been increasingly canceling town hall meetings with their constituents fearing protesters.

But Steve Knight of Lancaster held a town hall Saturday and it was standing room only.

CBS2’s Joy Benedict was there and reported the questions seemed endless. And the questioners covered a wide range of topics.

“Will you fight with me to keep affordable health care?,” asked one woman.

“What are your suggestions for reducing gun violence in America?,” asked one man.

Voters waved their hands, and signs, and were anxious for their turn.

“I have a couple of bones to pick with you,” said one woman. Knight quipped, “You’re the only one in the room.”

For an hour-and-a-half Knight took questions from the stage. It all but appeared he was running for re-election and election day was Tuesday. But he was just re-elected this past November.

Knight got bonus points for even showing up.

“I think he’s being responsible. I had a lot of respect for him doing it,” said Richard Chapleau of Palmdale.

It was a packed house of 250 voters. These were the early birds, more than 100 other people were turned away when the room reached capacity.

One woman from Valencia did not appreciate being turned away.

“It’s wrong. We want our voices heard and we aren’t getting them heard,” said Kerry O’Brien.

Knight answered questioned about the Affordable Care Act, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and immigration. On the subject of immigration, he called for more visas.

“I agree with you, I think the agricultural workers should be the veryf irst piece we have to accomplish,” Knight said.

The crowd had mixed feelings on some of his answers.

“He answered a lot of questions we will see if he sticks to what he said,” said Lancaster voter Karen Singer.

“I got an opinion that he was avoiding questions at all costs,” said Kerry Mellin of Simi Valley.

Whether or not the voters liked his answers or not, many seemed to be in agreement they were glad to see Knight not duck his responsibilities.

“You can call yourself a republican you can call yourself a democrat but number one,  if you don’t have meetings you are a coward,” said Dick Jeffrey of Santa Clarita.

“Listen to all of us,” said Chapleau, “we’re all Americans here.”


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