By Rachel Kim

PASADENA ( — Pasadena police are trying to determine if the grandson, arrested on suspicion of murder in a separate case, is linked to his grandfather’s disappearance.

Family members told Pasadena police that Dawud Karriem, 87, was last seen with his grandson, Raheem Karriem.

He told investigators he didn’t know where his grandfather was. But Pasadena police just discovered that Raheem was arrested on Tuesday by Los Angeles police.

They told CBS’s Rachel Kim that video evidence shows the 38-year-old on Wright Street in Downtown L.A. getting out of his car and shooting and killing a man, motive unknown so far.

Now Pasadena Police are calling Raheem a “person of interest” in his grandfather’s case.

“We’re certainly not ruling anything out at this point. Foul play, disappearance. We just don’t know,” Pasadena Police Lt. Jesse Carrillo said.

He said Raheem is a parolee, who had been in and out of jail mostly for financial crimes.

When asked whether money had anything to do with his possible involvement in his grandfather’s disappearance, the lieutenant said: “Whether finances be a motive, that’s something we have to keep the door open too.”

Mark Russell and other neighbors on the 1100 block of Elizabeth Street call the missing man “Al.”

Russell said Al usually sat on his porch and walked everywhere with a cane. But when neighbors realized they hadn’t seen him since February 7, they called police.

“We’ve been worried about Al. First couple of days he’s gone, who knows. May be he’s off somewhere. May be would show up again. But as days and days go by and weeks,” Russell noted.

The neighbor said he never saw the grandson until a month ago. When he showed up at Al’s house, Russell heard them arguing in the front yard. The grandson continued to come by after Al went missing.

“He didn’t seem highly concerned that his grandfather was not around. He gave a very vague and conflicting stories about where he was,” Russell added.

Raheem is being held on $2 million bail.


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