VALENCIA ( — Lyanne Wong came home to the most awful sight she could imagine.

Her dogs Toby, Wylie and another named Kooki, were all dead in the backyard. It appeared they were mauled and partially eaten by coyotes.

Her husband, David, had just let them out for some fresh air and a bathroom break.

“As soon as I got into the back yard and my dogs didn’t run to me, I knew something was wrong,” Wong said.

The Wongs are just one of many families here in the West Hills subdivision in Valencia that have had their pets attacked or killed by coyotes recently.

Neighborhood blogs are filled with accounts and sightings of the coyotes and spots where they’ve seen coyotes lurking. Wong is now very concerned for her children’s safety.

The Wongs say they want people to know this can happen to them, even if they haven’t seen a coyote.

The family is working with Castaic Animal Control. They say most neighbors would like to have the coyotes tracked or removed.


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