EAGLE ROCK (CBSLA.com) — Police are looking for a man who broke into several dorms at Occidental College, stealing female students’ under garments and engaging in lewd acts.

The break-ins happened in Pauley, Braun and Newcomb halls Friday morning.

According to students, the intruder stole women’s underwear, gave himself sexual pleasure in bathrooms and left crude messages on residents’ white boards.

Cleo Juster and her best friend, Lily Horne, live in Braun Hall.

“He rifled through one of my friend’s laundry in the dryer, and he pulled out all of her underwear and used it for self intimacy and left it on the floor of the bathroom,” Horne said. “And I noticed on the stairwell that there was a used condom on the door handle.”

“It’s just like a huge violation of personal privacy,” Cleo Juster said. “One of my friends found a used condom on her toothbrush.”

At Newcomb Hall, Esme Brown said her friend remembered seeing the intruder.”She didn’t hold the door open or anything. But she was walking in and opened the door, and I guess he ran up and grabbed it and let himself in.”

The suspect was caught on camera in a parking structure. He was believed to be around 30 years old with facial acne and tattoos on his arms.

“Now, we keep all of our doors shut. So you have to knock, ask who it is, and it just kind of shattered the safe space that has been created,” Horne added. 

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  1. are jeaouls it was not your underware seems like this has been happening for a while nothing like fresh clean panties

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